Service overview

Global Lingo is the leading provider of bespoke software localisation services. To many developers, the responsibility of carrying out the software localisation process can seem daunting. It is complex, taxing and requires significant pre-planning to ensure the efficient and cost-effective localisation of a product. This is why it is advisable that businesses invest in high-quality software localisation services like those offered by Global Lingo.

Many people ask: What is software localisation? In short, it is the process of translating software to a specific language so that a product meets the technical, linguistic and cultural necessities of its target market.


Efficiently implemented software localisation provides a number of benefits to an organisation. The outcome is more than simply the translation of a product’s user interface. It enables businesses to eradicate cultural barriers so that their products can reach a much larger, varied target audience, maximising sales as a result. The ability to supply software products in multiple languages is essential for any global software supplier. In addition to this, the quality of the translation, as well as its overall turnaround time, plays a significant role in the success of the localisation process as a whole. As with website localisation, we provide a tailored end-to-end service for software translation, so you don’t have to worry about the intricacies of this process.

Service Features

Global Lingo use dedicated, expert software localisation tools such as SDL Passolo. SDL Passolo is a highly specialised, visual software localisation tool developed to enable the efficient translation of user interfaces. It is renowned for being a crucial component of the software localisation process, allowing users to concentrate on the translation by accelerating its various technical and in-depth aspects. Our strategic and experienced team know exactly how to translate software using a diverse range of niche tools. These tools integrate with our translation software, allowing linguists to edit content as it would be displayed when the software is running. This is achieved via a: “What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” editor. This editor elevates the translation quality, simultaneously checking that the content is correct and fits within the software layouts.


We offer a broad spectrum of service features, ensuring that clients receive the best treatment and outcome possible from our bespoke software localisation services. These features include:

  • We implement various Agile marketing and development approaches such as the Scrum framework, strategised specifically for complex software development projects. This enables instant updates to the localisation content when development changes become available.
  • We have embedded software capabilities ensuring the efficient localisation of a vast range of content. This includes the graphical user interfaces of consumer electronics, engineering machines, smartphones and much more.

Global Lingo’s Approach

There is no standard process for software localisation projects as each client requires assistance catered specifically to their product. We typically offer involvement during the early stages of software development in the source language to ensure that any variants can be implemented easily within the framework. Unlike traditional language translation, there are many specialist tasks involved in software localisation. These include: software engineering, testing and desktop publishing.


Our software localisation process is managed end-to-end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal which centralises all operations, regardless of time zone and location.

Visit our case study section to view examples of our software localisation work and discover the advantages an expert global supplier can bring to your business. Global Lingo offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your software translation requirements.

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