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Language barriers shouldn’t be a barrier in international businesses. Keeping your communication flowing, no matter the location is essential in the modern world. This is why we provide interpreting services, tailored to your requirement.

Simultaneous? Consecutive? Remote? If you’re unsure as to what you need, simply tell us what you’re trying to achieve and leave the rest to us. Our language interpreters promise to provide high-level content on time on any platform and within budget.

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Perfect project management for your interpreting requirements

Every interpreting task has an experienced project manager assigned to it. It’s their job to ensure it runs like clockwork. They are your first point of contact and will know your project inside out. They will be responsible for all aspects including the coordination of the interpreters and working with the event management.


The interpreter listens to the speaker and simultaneously provides an accurate translation in the required language. The skill is being able to memorise and reproduce the exact meaning. Our interpreters are aware that being impartial is a fundamental principle, and in doing so create the impression that the communication between speakers is direct.


The speaker stops after 2-6 seconds to allow our interpreter to translate the message. This method is particularly used for meetings with a lower number of attendees or for court proceedings. In this case, our interpreter’s knowledge of the legal implications plays an important role in conveying the message from one speaker to another.


Advances in technology have made this the de facto method of interpreting today, with more and more organisations looking to save time and travel costs for our interpreters. This is a completely online service and can be used for conferences, events, workshops, and more. Our team can support you with remote interpreting on any platform (Zoom, Teams etc.) and we’ll guide you through the process before, during and after the event to ensure your multilingual meeting runs seamlessly.

Interpreting logistics for large events

The logistics involved in catering for simultaneous interpreting for large groups of people, such as large-scale conferences, maybe too big a task for some language services providers. Our project managers are able to offer the tools and techniques from start to finish. Ensuring any type of project is monitored and controlled efficiently and effectively. 

We are able to provide a full service including moving multiple interpreters and equipment to specific locations anywhere on the globe. We can manage the whole budget and provide linguists fluent in over 150 languages.

Our role is to make your life easier, solve problems, and offer advice. Your business doesn’t need to know how to manage a multi-language, multi-location project, because we do. 

If you would like to discover the benefits of our expertise, please contact our project team to get started.

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Frequently asked interpretation questions

Through consecutive interpreting, the speaker will stop every 2-6 seconds to allow our team members to accurately interpret each word accurately. This is typically used in cases where there is a small face to face attendance or telephone interpreting. 

Simultaneous interpretation ensures there is no disruption to the flow of a presentation. Our skilled interpreters are still able to offer accurate translation, ensuring the speaker’s message is delivered exactly as it is intended.

If you’re still unsure of which interpreting service is right for your business. Contact one of our project management team members no matter the phase of the project. We can onboard you onto our project management software and guide you through every step with our robust project management methodology.

For some businesses and individuals, having their project plans taken on board by a team with qualified project management skills is exactly what’s needed. Other benefits are around the accuracy, and tone of delivery in each language. With Global Lingo’s language services, you get both.

If you’re ready to get started with your next, or even first interpreting project. Simply contact one of our qualified team members and we’ll get you started immediately. 

There’s no cost for the initial consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members by phone, email, or online today.