Language localisation for every industry and business sector

We provide professional localisation services for a range of industries, working with companies of all sizes and industries across the globe. We help them communicate more effectively in their target markets. Our team of native-speaking linguists are experts at localising content into over 150 languages. Whether you’re a startup, SME or an established multinational corporation, we can help ensure that your message is understood by everyone.

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Let us remove the communication barriers with language localisation

Localisation goes a step beyond traditional methods of translation. It goes beyond just taking an original text and translating it into another language. A localisation strategy must consider a number of different factors that will directly influence your audience, including cultural relevance.

We can localise your website, print collateral, eLearning content, software and much more. The new localised version will appear as the native version to each target audience. 

We have offices across the globe so we can offer fast and accurate localisation services for any size project. Our team of professional translators will deliver high-quality work at affordable prices and all within tight deadlines. Our translators understand that every word matters when localising your content, which is why they ensure that every project is handled with the utmost care and attention.


Global Lingo is the leading provider of bespoke software localisation services. For many developers, carrying out the software localisation process can seem daunting. It is complex and requires significant pre-planning to ensure it is efficient and cost-effective. That is why we provide a tailored, stress-free end-to-end service to take away the worry.


Working with eLearning clients has become second nature to us. We understand all of the challenges associated with eLearning localisation and are experts in sharing your eLearning content with a global audience. No matter what format or authoring tool your original content is in, we can localise it to any language and for any market territory.

Video game

When we tackle game localisation we use dedicated tools such as SDL Passolo. SDL Passolo is a highly specialised, visual software localisation tool developed to enable the efficient translation of user interfaces. Our strategic and experienced team know exactly how to translate video game software using this and a diverse range of niche tools.

Website localisation

Localising a website can seem like a daunting task, and we would be lying if we said it was easy. There are multiple factors to consider including the style, design, typography and imagery used. And these may need to vary from region to region, but do not despair, because when we localise a website you can leave these headaches with us to solve. 

A perfectly localised website empowers your web presence and communicates your brand message worldwide, broadening your target audience and increasing sales as a result. Of course, you know this and it is why you are considering adding multiple languages to your site.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of both strategic web practice and the local culture they are translating for. You not only get the perfect translation and localisation but it will be executed on your site with technical expertise enabling:

Integration with your CMS via API

In-situ analysis of text to ensure consistency

Fast turnaround for time sensitive projects

All CMS and JS frameworks supported

Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools

Translation management system (TMS)

Full content localisation

Complete project management

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Ensure consistency with linguistic sign-off

Linguistic sign-off (LSO) is part of the translation process. After the translation, proofreading, editing and quality assurance steps have been completed, LSO might be a necessary step. If a document requires further manipulation from a file engineer or a designer to reach its final format, our quality assurance process ensures text and formatting appear identical to the original content.

LSO can be used for web and software localisation as well as print collateral. It ensures that no errors are encountered post-delivery when the respective collateral or programmes are in use.

Scale your project with our desktop publishing services

We can provide translations of designed brochures and documents, as well as the typesetting and formatting needed to ensure the final documents are identical to the originals. For all designed or formatted documents such as images, graphics, PowerPoint files or PDFs, we offer Desktop Publishing (DTP). Experienced designers, who are native speakers or have extensive experience with foreign language content, work with the files at the DTP stage. 

Our specialised DTP service is particularly important for languages with different alphabets or characters, and for right-to-left languages where a non-native speaker would not be able to typeset the translated text correctly.

Our latest localisation articles

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Frequently asked localisation questions

Localisation is the process of adapting language to a specific target market. Global Lingo offers quality translation to an international audience, effectively localising your content for a high-quality user experience. Localisation differs from other translation services. Instead of the word for word, front-end translation, entire projects are localised for the target language.

Whether you need to increase your international audience for your website, document, game, software or app localisation, one of our project managers will happily guide you through how our services can benefit your project.

There is nothing worse than trying to work your way through poorly translated content. Ensure your delivery says exactly what you intend it to say with Global Lingo’s localisation services.

If you are ready to begin your next or even first localisation project, simply contact one of our qualified team members, and we will get you started immediately. 

There is no cost for the initial consultation, so do not hesitate to contact one of our team members by phone, email or online today.