Professional and reliable minute-taking in person or remotely

Are you looking for a reliable, professional minute-taker? We provide our clients with high-quality, accurate transcripts that are delivered quickly and affordably. Our team of experienced professionals will take your meeting minutes on-site or remotely. You will not have to worry about missing any important details or having to edit notes later because we do it all for you, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

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We take care of every detail

Taking minutes in meetings is important but it can be time consuming and stressful. Most people use their phones or laptops to take notes, which means missing details on-screen and more time typing up notes after the meeting.

Our minute-taking services offer professional, accurate results for your businesses. Our industry experts will attend your meeting and record all of the information discussed so that you do not have to worry about missing anything important during the discussion. We then send you your full transcript along with our summary of what was said at your meeting right away. No more wasted hours spent writing down notes and trying to make sense of them after each business meeting.


If you want someone to attend your important meetings to take minutes, we can provide the perfect person for the task. No matter the complexity of the meeting subject, our professional minute-takers will capture the entirety of the minutes in intricate detail. Our global reach means we can offer this service no matter the location or time zone.


You may find that you do not have time to arrange for an in-person minute-taking solution. Just record the meeting in audio format and leave the rest to us. We will transcribe the minutes and send these back to you in written format. As with in-person minute-taking, the file you receive will accurately reflect the content and flow of the meeting.


We can take minutes in multiple languages or transcribe and translate audio minutes into any one of 150+ languages. As a result, we truly offer minute-taking on an international scale. Our minute-takers are experienced and accomplished writers who can adapt to any corporate environment or culture. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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Secure remote minute-taking services

Remote meetings are here to stay and this can make the job of taking minutes even more complex than it already is. Global Lingo minute-takers are trained and qualified in providing secure and remote minute-taking services. Whether we send a minute-taker in person on-site or they attend the meeting virtually, they will provide the same high level of accuracy and efficiency. 

Spelling, grammar and structure will be perfect, but we also handle the whole process securely. We implement regular security checks such as UK Government BPSS standards or local market equivalent standards. Our three-stage quality assurance process is ISO 9001 certified, and every one of the minute-taking processes is run in accordance with ISO 27001. Any sensitive or confidential information is secured through our bespoke portal Glozone.

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Frequently asked minute-taking questions

Minute-taking transcription services enable businesses to make informed decisions and actions from accurately recorded key points. Minute-taking involves someone taking bullet point notes of what has been discussed during a business meeting. These notes outline the topics discussed, and what actions need to be taken once the meeting has ended.

Whether you need meeting notes from board meetings or client discussions, contact one of our project managers to see how Global Lingo’s minute-taking services can benefit your business.

Our qualified independent minute-takers are highly skilled, offering reliable transcripts. Nothing will be missed, enabling you to focus on the important discussion.

By having accurate accounts and insights on each of your business meetings, you can make sure that everything is taken into account when making strategic decisions. Furthermore, when meetings are taking place, you can rest assured that someone is keeping track of the discussion so you can focus on what matters.