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LÉON has been secured by design. The platform is ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant, whilst being 100% cloud-based with end-to-end backups.

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Increase your output with our AI translation & GenAI-enhanced features that can multiply your productivity by up to 20x. Accelerate delivery times while ensuring consistency across all your business needs and project requirements.

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LÉON offers all your language needs in one place. From AI translation tools, through to translation management with built-in live review and feedback for your human translations. You retain as much or as little control as you need.

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Core features of LÉON

LÉON streamlines your localisation workflows with powerful AI translation technology and an intuitive built-in CAT tool. Its a cloud-based platform that simplifies project management and integrates seamlessly with existing content systems and the world’s most powerful Large Language Models.

Translate at record pace

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How can LÉON benefit my business?

Common & practical use-cases with LÉON

Streamline your eLearning localisation

Your internal learning and development department requires a suite of eLearning courses to be translated into multiple languages. The deadline is soon, and it’s vital that you maintain the integrity of your educational content.

LÉON’s CAT tool and terminology databases ensure that your learning & development materials are accurately and consistently translated. Enhance and deliver accessible learning experiences for your global workforce.

Accelerate your global campaigns

Your marketing team needs to quickly launch a campaign across multiple countries and cultures. Each target market may respond differently to your message and you want to make sure it’s perfect on all fronts.

With LÉON’s Translation Memory and AI translation workflows, your team can efficiently localise content in real time, ensuring consistent branding and messaging at scale. Our cultural consultants and network of linguists can even add more value to your next campaign with our vast global insights.

Internal communications made easy

Your international company needs to ensure that important updates and internal communications are understood by all employees, regardless of location or language. It’s crucial that messages are disseminated quickly and clearly to keep operations running smoothly.

LÉON can revolutionise your internal communication workflow. Translate your internal messages and preserve the nuance and tone with our built-in terminology management tools. Ensure your employees stay informed and engaged with your company’s culture and values, wherever they are.

Utilise the power of 40+ MT tools and LLMs

Different languages, content types, and data assets call for specific MT engines and LLMs. With over 40 engines to choose from, we’ll guide you to and tailor the best fit for your objectives.

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Level up your translation workflow

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Frequently asked questions

LÉON is available to all of our existing and new clients. There is no minimum spend with your language contract to access LÉONs functionality.

LÉON is designed to work seamlessly with your current language workflows. We will help you set up and manage everything, leaving you with as much or as little control as you need.

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We chose LÉON after the French-born American scholar Léon Dostert. “Dostert became the inaugural head of Georgetown’s Institute of Languages and Linguistics. The Institute would collaborate with IBM to perform the first ever machine translation, which was publicly demonstrated in 1954.” [Wikipedia]