Multilingual dubbing and voice-over services for video

We offer world-leading voice-over and dubbing for all types of video content, providing our clients with quality, affordable and fast multilingual voice-over services for over 15 years. Our team of native-speaking professionals can provide your company with our professional voice solutions, and we handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. We specialise in creating English voice-overs, or from English into over 150 languages.

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Dubbing vs voice-over

We all know that having a professional voice-over makes your business sound more credible. But when adding a new voice to your content for a global audience, how should you approach it? Voice-over by nature is descriptive narrative, whilst dubbing adds the emotion, tonality and technical richness of the original audio.

We can help you make sure your video content uses the best audio strategy to communicate the right message to your audience. Plus, we have a tried and tested workflow to ensure the whole process is as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

From marketing and corporate videos to the narration of eLearning programmes and audiobooks, our network of talented voice actors can deliver your message in over 150 languages. Get in touch today to find out more about our audio production services.


When adding a new voice-over to video content we are usually doing one of two things. We could be replacing the original voice-over with a translated version of the same audio in one or several languages. Or we could be adding new voice-over to the video to describe the action or inform the audience. 


With dubbing we are replacing the audio of speakers within the video with new translated audio. In these cases the voice actor is matching the inflections and nuances of the original audio to make it feel as natural as possible. Our linguists work with the voice actors to make sure the dubbing is accurate and culturally relevant. 

UN-style voice-Over

This is typically seen when you watch political or well-known business leaders speak. In these instances, we translate what the speaker is saying, and the new audio would play over the top of the original audio. The viewer will still be aware of the original audio of the speaker, but it will play quietly in the background. 

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Video subtitling

Subtitles are a translated copy of the dialogue used in the video. They are placed on-screen for non-native audiences to read. This can make your video content accessible worldwide, plus it has other advantages. For eLearning content where users can pause the video, subtitles allow further consideration of what has just been said, offering more time to understand the content without the need to rewind and rewatch.

Subtitles also let the audience hear the real actors’ speech inflections, which helps the audience feel more connected to the content. Cost is another advantage of subtitling, over dubbing or voice-over. Subtitling your video content for a worldwide audience will cost considerably less than recording a new voice. 

Find out more by visiting our subtitling page or get in touch today.

Example video translation workflow for eLearning

pre production

Pre Production

Gather detailed briefing and source documents

File preparation analysis

Provide detailed quote



Translation of glossary and provide sample

Provide voice-over options

Gain client feedback



Translate content and proofread content

Client feedback and sign-off of a translated script

Record new voice-over



Rebuild the course content (re-integration of the translated text, audio/video)

QA of translated course (linguistic/functional sign-off, testing of the whole course)



Final in-context review by the client

Final delivery of signed-off modules

Translation memories and glossaries updated

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