Case study

Lumesse, a provider of human capital management (HCM) software and e-learning development services which operates in over 70 countries, assists world leading businesses with recruitment, onboarding, and employee development through learning and technology.


  • Accurate capture of client’s corporate tone of voice, and stylistic and terminological preferences across all languages.
  • Provide efficient means for clients in-country subject matter experts (SMEs) to review and approve translations, streamlining the process to save as much time as possible.
  • Provide a seamless end-to-end service, catering for all aspects of the project (translation, voice-over, desktop publishing, linguistic/functional testing and sign-off).
  • Ensure linguistic/terminological consistency across all module content, marketing and communication packs, and voice-over elements for the entire project, spanning six to twelve months.

Approach / Solution

  • Detailed schedule, outlining key dates for project deliverables and indicating when input would be required from the client’s in-country SMEs.
  • This clear overview meant that the SMEs knew exactly when they were needed, allowing resources to be effectively scheduled.
  • Careful selection of a core team of linguists
  • Extraction of important terminology at the start of the project and glossary creation in all languages for client’s in-country SME comments and approval. The SMEs were also provided with sample translations in each language so that stylistic preferences could be highlighted.
  • Alongside voice-over artist selection, the scripts were translated and provided to the SMEs for feedback and approval, ensuring that no time was lost having to amend and re-record audio later.
  • The translation stages were supported with various tools to optimise the process, including an automated term base tool to ensure adherence to the pre-approved glossaries, and translation memory to guarantee ongoing stylistic consistency, generating cost savings for repetitions.
  • A simple bilingual table was shared with Lumesse to input linguistic preferences. The revised versions were directly updated in the translation memory, speeding up the review process and ensuring that preferences were captured and used thereafter for each module.
  • Once localised modules were rebuilt, a linguistic and functional sign-off were carried out,  within Lumesse’s Course Builder tool.


  • Localised and fully tested all functioning modules and marketing prior to successful delivery
  • Fully tailored and consistent terminology and style throughout all material
  • Ongoing cost savings through use of translation memory, leveraging repeated content
  • Streamlined process and communication, with Lumesse and Global Lingo teams working collaboratively.
What Lumesse have to say about us

“Global Lingo has been a fantastic partner to work with supporting us with our translation needs since the beginning of 2016.”

Manager, Lumesse

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