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International server connections lit up across the globe.

How to Translate a Website: Best Practice Guide

In recent years, companies of all sizes now market their products and services to a global audience. However, this opportunity brings a major challenge – how do you effectively communicate…
survey translation workflow

An in-depth guide to survey translation

Market researchers are well aware of the survey translation minefield of bias and speeder answers. And yes, we even explored in 5 Top Market Research Trends how AI can take…

The Art of Translation

The art of translation covers the fusion of technical accuracy and creative messaging. Admittedly, it’s strange to see ‘art’ combined with translation that strives for factual accuracy and meaning over…

Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Empower a Global Team

Information travels faster than ever before. This leads to collective intelligence evolving into a vital strategy for international organisations. From multinational corporations to grassroots advocacy groups, collective intelligence has emerged…

A Brief History of Translation

In today’s globalised world, the importance of translation – and by extension, of translators – is clear. The translation of a language into another effectively creates bridges between cultures, traditions,…

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Car dashboard

The five types of automotive translation