Service overview

Software localization encompasses the process of adjusting the web or software product to all the technical, linguistic or cultural necessities of the target market. Being able to supply software products in multiple languages is key for any global software supplier, and quality of translation, as well as turnaround time, plays a significant role.

As with website localization, we can provide a tailored end-to-end service for software translation.

Service features and benefits

We use dedicated software localization tools such as SDL Passolo. These tools integrate with our translation software and allow our linguists to edit software content as it would be displayed when the software is running. This is achieved via a “What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” editor. This elevates the translation quality as it simultaneously ensures that the content is correct but also fits within the software layouts.

Furthermore, we support Agile development approaches such as Scrum, enabling instant updates to the localization content when development changes are made available.

Finally, embedded software capabilities enable easier localization of an array of content. This includes graphical user interfaces of consumer electronics, engineering machines, smartphones etc.


There is no standard process for software localization projects, as each client’s requirements are unique. We typically get involved as early as the software development stage in the source language to ensure that any other language variants can be implemented easily within the same framework. Unlike in traditional translation, there are other tasks involved in software localization such as software engineering, testing and desktop publishing.

Our software localization process is managed end to end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal, which centralizes all operations, regardless of time zone and location.

Visit our case study section to view examples of our software localization work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business. Global Lingo can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your software translation requirements.

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