Telecommunications industry overview

The telecommunications industry has been evolving steadily over the past 50 years, and mobile devices rule everyday life more than ever. With communication and information at our fingertips, it comes as no surprise that tech giants are global businesses with global audiences and global messaging.

Mobile devices have become integral to driving the momentum around some key trends such as video streaming, videoconferencing, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile payments.

We typically work with Legal, Digital, Compliance, Learning & Development, Corporate Affairs, Communications, Marketing, Webcasting, AV, Operations & Production departments within large global telecoms organizations.

Through our diverse industry knowledge across the various departments, we are able to target the key challenges faced within this industry. From marketing translation to website localization and the all-important global messaging for internal and external communications, we offer a confidential and impartial service and are ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 27001 (information security) certified.

We pride ourselves on our quality of service, reliability and speed, and understand the importance of automation and technology in general to facilitate cost savings where possible.

Relevant services and benefits

  • Transcription in any language of all types of audio or video for internal and external purposes
  • Translation and localization (Translation, editing and proofreading – TEP) in over 150 languages
  • Interpreting across any language combination, simultaneous or consecutive, as well as remotely through our partner platform
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)/Typesetting, providing ready-to-publish translated files
  • Linguistics sign-off (LSO), proofing all translated content in-context
  • Management of in-country SME review steps, obtaining feedback from client teams directly before finalizing and sharing final translations
  • Minute-taking / Note-taking for internal or external meetings
  • GloZone Business Management System for request placement, file transfer, quote, order and invoice reporting functionalities (tracking languages requested, spend, on-time delivery KPIs etc.)
  • Machine Translation & post-editing, for large-scale projects with several different language variants and tight turnaround times, enabling cost and time savings
  • ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) for a cost-efficient first step to transcribing any content
  • Translation Memory / Terminology Management ensure consistency throughout any project, as well as time and cost savings, due to previously translated segments.
  • Voice-over and subtitling through carefully selected linguists who are subject matter experts and can deliver in any video editing software
  • Translation Management System (TMS) use for CMS integration through API feeds, for streamlined content export and re-import post website localization (XML, XLIFF and HTML)


We only use dedicated teams of transcribers, linguists (subject matter experts), multilingual DTP professionals, engineers and sector-experienced Project and Account Managers.

We can work with all file formats and connect to clients’ platforms for secure and fast transfer of files. Our dedication to technology has led us to adopting several new platforms over the past years and we are pleased to offer these to our clients (e.g. latest ASR of Machine transcription/translation, real-time editing through our own Translation Management System and much more). With this approach, we have automated many manual steps to speed up timelines for our clients.

In addition to the usual marketing translation and website localization, we also produce localized e Learning courses for global compliance, code of conduct and other internal and external purposes.

To see how we can help you with website localization, marketing translation or any additional services, visit our case study section to view how other organizations are already profiting from a technology-focused global supplier.

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