Transcription is one of those things most companies don’t think about. It’s not seen as a core business function, and if you don’t know the advantages, working out why it would be useful is impossible. This post should give you more ideas about how transcription services can add really value to your organisation.

1. Transcribing the speeches at your conference

A conference is probably one of the biggest marketing investments of the year. With all the main people in your organisation, and more than likely some invited guests, making speeches, all of which are meant to inspire and motivate the rest of the company, having the proceedings transcribed is a great advantage. You may wonder why the speeches need to be transcribed when they’ve been written beforehand. Well, written speeches are usually just an aid for the presenters, who are very likely to change things as they go. So using a transcription service at your conference adds a great deal of value by ensuring that every word is captured and written down. Which brings us to number 2…

2. Transcribing press conferences for Journalists

Conferences are the places where your CEO will launch your new products, announce profits, investments, closures, acquisitions etc. And without an accurate record of what was said, how will you control the output of journalists, commentators and bloggers who will be hanging on every word? With a transcription, not only will you have proof of the announcements, but you will be able to use the transcription as a basis for press releases if necessary, thus getting your messages out further than you would normally be able to. Number 3 dovetails nicely as well…

3. Transcription for the videos on your website

Having video on your website is “the” thing to do at the moment. Thing is that most of your videos will contain great copy and keywords which would help your website rank better, but because they are inside the video the search engines can’t see them. Transcribing your videos and having the copy at the side so it can be read releases all those keywords, improving your web presence.

4. Getting the details exactly right from your meetings

Holding a meeting is very important, so why do most companies leave the taking of the minutes to junior members of staff? Having the minutes written by a professional writer means that your minutes will be complete and actionable. Professional writers are great at doing this job; they take notes all the way through the meeting, or make a recording of the meeting, and then produce the kind of document you need. So, you could have a full transcript; on the other hand, that could be far too long and unwieldy for your purposes. Most clients prefer to have us produce a summary for them which removes all the ums and ahs and has only the pertinent points of the meeting. An additional benefit is that the minutes can be put into your own document style and be returned to you in a matter of hours meaning that the details can be circulated very quickly.

5. Transcription to help you get the inside track on your competition

This is one of the sexier James Bond type uses for transcription. When your competitors are holding AGM’s or other public events, what could be more useful than having a transcriber sit there and then provide you with a full report of the proceedings? It could be that at the meeting there is some shareholder dissent or a slip of the tongue by the CEO; these are all the types of things companies would cover up. A transcriber will give you a full warts-and-all account, so you get the facts, not the sanitised version.

6. Transcribing HR meetings and grievance proceedings

Grievance or disciplinary proceedings are never nice. With both sides protecting themselves and wanting to get the best outcome, ensuring that the meetings are accurately recorded can be vital. If at a later date you need to go over the details of the meeting again and you don’t have a transcript to refer to, proving a point can be difficult. Verbatim HR transcripts will catch every utterance and pause to convey the tone and the intent of the words, rather than just supplying a text without a context. And by using an independent transcriber the record of the proceeding will be impartial.

7. Legal and court hearings

Legal transcription is an art in itself. Getting the intonation of the voice and the intention of the person being interviewed is vital to ensure that any outcomes are water tight and are not open to legal challenge. Transcription services make certain that the details are correctly recorded, and that evidence and submissions to the court or tribunal can be re-examined, should the need arise, within seconds, without having to reel through recordings.

8. Market research and focus groups

Launching new products and services is an expensive process, which is why so much is spent on market research and focus groups to hone the product prior to rolling it out. Without a professional transcription, all that effort could be wasted; if one little comment is missed, fatal flaws could creep in, which kill off your project before it’s had a chance. Using a professional market research transcriber also means that your team aren’t having to worry about taking notes; they can spend their time on getting the most out of your focus group, safe in the knowledge that the transcriber is getting it all down. These last two tie together nicely as well…

9. Transcription for subtitling

10. Translation and transcription

The internet means that all content is now globally available, and not all the world speaks English! So making your video or audio available in other languages is a great idea. This can be done in a few ways: you can either use the translation and transcription to produce subtitles, or you can use it as a translated transcription available on the site. The beauty of this is that we can do both these jobs for you as we offer translation and transcription services.