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Denisa Jacobsen: Growth Story

Hi, I’m Denisa Jacobsen, and I’ve been with Global Lingo since November 2019. My current responsibilities in the organisation are three-fold:

  1. Daily operational governance
  2. People management
  3. Account development

The present stance of an almost five-year journey from project coordinator. My first role in the organisation.

One sleepless night, shortly after my twins turned three, I came across Global Lingo’s advertised ‘project coordinator’ position. This moment was in contemplating a reinvention of my professional self. I was reading the ad, and it was clear that someone wrote it for me!

Nonetheless, the preparations for all the interview stages were diligent. And there was the well-known ‘edge’ candidates have when presenting themselves in front of an organisation that feels right, on both a rational and subconscious level. And true to the feeling, my personal ‘parcourse’ in Global Lingo has been guided. Influenced and groomed by the fantastic group of young professionals that the organisation embodies.

It’s been a good feeling throughout, as I thrive in a structured, competent, appreciative organisation which lives and breathes its commandments.

My early days

The positive and supportive environment here welcomes new staff on the first day. The diverse, demanding, and challenging industry, the opportunity to make an impact: EverySingleDay – across clients and linguists alike – does not fit just everyone. But those who lean in craft a personal path aligned with the organisation, and the satisfaction is enormous.

So from day 1 to day 1,425 – there’s been no day like the other. In Global Lingo, the organisational structure enables ideas to be brought to the table, tested, proven, perfected and implemented, no matter what level of the organisation they may emerge from.

The challenges I faced

I specialised early on in live events. More closely, a specific type of service, simultaneous interpreting. And I love all aspects of it, from finding customer solutions to developing ideas in an ever-progressing technological context in an ever-changing world and market.

On day two of the job, I enthusiastically took on the challenge to quickly meet a customer’s need despite seasoned colleagues advising me it was a long shot. That success, as small as it was, significantly impacted my confidence and enhanced the belief that proper project management is corroborated with collective effort. Involving our global network of outstanding linguists makes clients feel supported. Problems being solved. Linguists left feeling appreciated for their work. And, of course, business thriving.

Getting out of our comfort zones is always an opportunity for growth. Adaptability to global conditions in the language service industry leads companies and employees to diversify and reinvent themselves constantly.

Every single company transition; every single economic crisis. A pandemic and restructuring brought everyone, including myself, outside of their comfort zone. Through this journey, we made room for new procedures, better management, and better service. When this is done with authentic, supportive, competent leadership, changes are beneficial, and uncertainty is contained.

My ongoing learning

I don’t know about other people, but my organised mind needs time to adapt and structure in the storming phase of a transition. At a time when it all collides – new information, new processes, altered processes – my intellect is challenged to the point where it feels like it’s all an untangled yarn of threads, none of which are red!

But I’d learned to stick with the process. The norming phase will kick in eventually, and all the pieces fall into place. In this, consistency is key. I’m still struggling to respect it in all I do, from organising my days so that I am in the gym strength training three times a week to giving developing processes and responsibilities the same kind of attention in an impeccably structured time management way – the only way one can successfully deliver!

Additional responsibilities come with the need to add skills and tools to the toolbox: I’ve had to learn so much on the go over the last month with regards to a skill I thought I mastered both in my personal life – as a life partner of a very dynamic, active and busy conflict resolution specialist and mom of 2 three graders – as well as in my professional life: how to organise your time to maximise efficiency. Little did I know that new responsibilities require upgrading previous tools to maximise the most precious commodity of all: time.

Global Lingo’s support systems

I am so grateful for the relationships built over the years within the organisation. And if I chose to speak about them, I’d start with our linguists. I credit my achievements to the outstanding professionals who do the heavy lifting while my task is to set up the context so that they can carry out their job in the best way possible. These are the people I get to interact with remotely, yet the frequency, our communication styles and joint success stand at the base of solid connections.

Secondly, I am grateful to all my colleagues and the support system inside Global Lingo. They’ve enabled me to meet and exceed our customer expectations – from project management peers to the talented and resourceful linguist management team: I am convinced that if ever shipwrecked on a deserted island, they would be able to deliver supplies enough to live off, build a vessel and escape back to civilisation!

Finally, the fantastic higher management team who are driving the organisation forward and successfully bringing everyone on board through leadership and vision. And whose professional progressions from entry levels to high management level are testimony to Global Lingo being a place where talent is recognised, nurtured and cultivated.

Concluding thoughts from Denisa Jacobsen

Looking back at my five-year Global Lingo journey, I am grateful to the company for trusting my abilities as a project manager, nurturing my growth throughout, tasking me with the most challenging processes, and guiding me to reach my and the company’s goals.

I may be disparaging when I notice the professional mobility of my younger counterparts. For which a position in the same company for more than two years is seen as too long and time to move on! Whereas I can relate to their need for diversity of experience and the fact that there can be a generational gap here between us, I am yet firm to believe that professional development requires effort, dedication, loyalty, and mutual growth – and this relationship-building to me takes a longer time to develop.

Denisa Jacobsen: LinkedIn

Article written by: Denisa Jacobsen

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