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Portuguese is spoken by around 270 million people with approximately 220 million native speakers. Among the languages that use Latin, it is the third most spoken in the world and on the internet.

Our skilled linguists provide an expert Portuguese translation service for businesses across a range of industries.

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Why your business needs a Portugese translation service

Portuguese is the official language of both Portugal and Brazil with their growing populations. Not only that, but Portuguese is also the official language in several African nations. There is a growing demand for Portuguese translations. With our team of professional translators and linguists, we can ensure that our clients receive the highest quality translations in the shortest possible time

All of our translators are experts in local culture and are aware of any linguistic nuances of the language. Global Lingo has a dedicated team that works around the clock to produce accurate Portuguese translations for our clients. Having Portuguese speakers working on each project ensures that every translation is accurately localised, with high attention paid to accuracy and detail. This ensures no mistakes are made, eliminating the chances of miscommunication, which can be so disastrous for businesses.

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How many people speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is a language that has been spoken in diverse regions of the world for centuries. Nowadays, it is the official language of several countries and continues to spread through various parts of the world. With over 200 million native speakers, you can find Portuguese speakers throughout the world. 

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What are the main challenges
of Portuguese translation?

Portuguese is a beautiful and complex language with numerous dialects. However, translations from English are often longer, which can cause serious spacing issues in formatted documents or if the screen has limited space. Skillful translators are aware that they might have to abbreviate sentences or words due to their client’s needs.

High-quality Portuguese translation

At Global Lingo, we are committed to ensuring high-quality translation for our clients. Many language service providers will tell you that they can work with large multi-national organisations and that they understand how it might differ from working with smaller companies. The truth is, they probably don’t, but luckily we do. And you don’t have to take our word for it, our record speaks for itself. You don’t get to translate for global giants such as Hilton, Honda and HSBC unless you know how to work at that level.

Our rock-solid processes, strict attention to detail and flexibility are what set us apart from other translation service providers. Add to this some of the most talented and hard-working account managers and project managers in the industry, and it’s easy to see why the corporate world sees us as the perfect partner for their translation requirements. 

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