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Melania Dimisca: Growth Story

My name is Melania Dimisca, and I am a Team Leader in the Operations department at Global Lingo. I oversee day-to-day activity, set goals for the team per the company’s objectives, and provide training and coaching, among other responsibilities. 

I was excited and nervous for various reasons when I started working at Global Lingo. It was my first serious job, and I planned to make the most of it. I always set my mind that whatever I do needs to bring a lot of learning and professional development. Rather than a more mundane, repetitive role, and what I can tell for sure is that my wish came true.  

Another reason worth mentioning is my ambition to work in the field I have studied in. The truth is that back then, it was a mix of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. But I learnt with time to focus more on the intrinsic one and do what I like doing. 

Melania Dimisca: Setting the scene

It was a friendly atmosphere and motivating vibe in the office. I remember saying for a long time that my favourite part was coming to the office with excitement and desire to be there. Although there have been busier or more challenging periods throughout the year, I still enjoy coming to work. That is thanks to my colleagues, who have been nothing but supportive, hard-working, kind, and a pleasure to work with and be around.   

I adapt quickly to different environments, and it was a smooth transition with Global Lingo. My excitement and willingness to learn and the supportive and encouraging teams were very fruitful for my professional growth. 

Early challenges I faced 

One of the first significant challenges I faced at the company was one enormous project with services that required considerable fine-tuning—working with a limited pool of resources and managing all aspects of the project. From building the process, the documentation, the workflow and team formation to resource management, quality management, testing, scheduling, communication and continuous scope or process changes, I would say that formed me as a better professional and individual.  

I learnt that no matter how well you prepare plan A. How much experience you have and how well you can anticipate a project from start to finish, you will always need at least one backup plan. Or at least learn how to adapt to changing situations quickly. That’s right. What you often find in LinkedIn job descriptions applies in real-life scenarios. In other words, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  

Additionally, I quickly learnt how to be grounded and accept that sometimes, not everything we envision is humanly possible. You can get creative, find alternatives that work just as well, and get you to resolve the same objective as the original plan. 

My support system 

So many people inspired me during my time here, and I could go on to write about them for hours. I am sure they know who they are, and I’d like to thank them and say how much I appreciate working with them. I wouldn’t be the same person without their contributions. 

One good example is my colleague who taught and supported me during my transition from Project Management to Team Leading. She made the journey productive, efficient, and fun whilst always being kind. 

Another example is my current manager, who made a great impression on me during my interview, induction, and training. They have only added more to that impression since.  

I learnt how to have a more positive outlook despite the challenges I will face and overcome fears in and outside of work. I learnt to trust the process and put my energy into what matters and will take me and the company forward. The outcome is that I’ve become an enhanced version of myself, and I celebrate every achievement.  

Everyone was there for me at the right time to teach these lessons, and I am grateful.  

My growth and achievements 

Resilience and problem-solving are two skills I’ve acquired and refined over my time at Global Lingo. 

My promotion from a Project Coordinator to a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and Team Leader was a recognition of the efforts put into the work I delivered. It only motivated me to learn more and share that knowledge with the rest of my colleagues. Receiving the “Employee of the Year” and “Values Champion” prizes made me feel appreciated. They confirmed that I was on the right path and in the right place. 

My confidence grew thanks to colleagues, managers, and mentors’ recognition, trust, and encouragement. I went from being scared to speak with a client on a simple project to hosting the very first webinar of the company with one of our long-standing clients. 

What I’ve learnt 

The professional I was when I started was shy, overcontrolling, looking for perfection, and feeling self-induced stress. The professional I am today understands the need to focus my attention on learning how to be more efficient, work better in a team, and rest to provide better support for others. And work more rapidly to meet the company’s objectives.  

I can now focus on solving problems rather than getting lost in the details. Accept that only some things can always go as planned, and look for new opportunities to help me reach my goals, whereas before, I would only see a roadblock.    

The leitmotiv was and continues to be learning. The switch now is that I can teach others what I have learned throughout the years. I can do this while hearing new perspectives and ideas that continue to enrich my knowledge and boost creativity.  

Ongoing learning 

Everything I’ve mentioned above is still a work in progress. And I come back to these points often to cement them. I have more confidence nowadays, adding to it daily as I learn something new.  

Recently, I focused on further developing my soft skills through reading, speaking with a coach, and consuming information on related topics. The most helpful action points are the focus on listening, being present, and staying curious. 

My concluding thoughts & key takeaways 

It’s been a little over five years since I started my journey at Global Lingo, and the growth I experienced leaves me feeling fulfilled. I am grateful to meet incredible people, collaborate with them, and be a better professional and individual. It was a pleasant surprise to see how much of the skills I acquired at work apply to the other aspects of my life.  

I hope my personal story can inspire my colleagues to keep working on their goals, trust the process even during difficult days and stay focused. Furthermore, I am excited to see the company grow and see how we will expand our service offerings; that will create the context for me to reinvent myself as well. 

I believe my story and the different stages of my growth here can encourage and motivate others to persevere, trust that their work will be worthwhile, and get the recognition it deserves. Keep your eyes on the ball, and remember you have a team who supports you. 

Melania Dimisca: LinkedIn

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