BELA Awards: Press Release

BELA Awards

Global Lingo is thrilled to announce its recent triumph at the prestigious 2023 Best Employers in Localisation Awards (BELA). Organised by Adaptive Globalisation, BELA recognises and commends Language Service Providers (LSPs) who are making significant strides in fostering a positive work environment and offering unparalleled career opportunities. This Year, BELA awarded Global Lingo with the ‘Best Language Service Provider for Career Progression award’.  

“We are deeply honoured to receive this recognition. It highlights our commitment to fostering a supportive environment where our team members can grow, learn, and excel in their careers.” 

Frosso Skoteinioti, People Operations Manager 

A shining example

A shining example of career progression within Global Lingo is Denisa Jacobsen, who has not only made significant strides in her role but was also nominated for the Project Manager of the Year award by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).  

Joining Global Lingo in 2019, Denisa Jacobsen transitioned from a curious applicant to a pivotal figure in project management. Her initial role as a project coordinator was a launching pad, propelling her through complex challenges, particularly in simultaneous interpreting for live events. Denisa thrived amidst transitions, embracing learning and adaptability as cornerstones of her development. Her journey, marked by personal and professional growth, highlights the company’s ethos of nurturing talent. Today, she stands as a testament to perseverance and the power of a supportive work environment, embodying the potential that Global Lingo sees in all its team members. 

“I am grateful to each and every one of my colleagues and system of support from inside Global Lingo – that enable me to meet and exceed our customer expectations – from project management peers to the talented and resourceful linguist management team.” 

Denisa Jacobsen, Project Manager 

About Global Lingo 

Global Lingo is a leading language service provider that is committed to delivering world-class translation, transcription, interpreting services. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of language to connect people and businesses, Global Lingo blends cutting-edge technology with human expertise to provide tailored language solutions for clients. 

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Global Lingo has one of the largest pool of linguists in the industry. Everyone is a native speaker in the language they are translating into, and we can translate into and from 150+ languages. So, whatever your project, whatever the language, Global Lingo can help.

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