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Bespoke eCommerce and Retail Translation

The Retail and eCommerce sector has dramatically changed over the past decades and websites have become standalone storefronts, maximizing the need for effective retail translation as a result. It has never been more important to have a global presence on the internet. Millions of users from across the globe search for the best deals daily and will only spend a fraction of time on a site – less if it isn’t easy to use or in a language they don’t understand.

From large, regularly updated product catalogs to dedicated customer communications, the need for localisation, e-commerce and retail translation services extends to every aspect of global Retail and eCommerce companies. We speak the retail lingo and can provide dedicated website and content localisation for large global retailers and can tailor our retail translation services to our clients’ timeline and budget.

Relevant services and benefits

  • We offer specialist translation, Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Linguistic sign-off (LSO) for the Retail industry.
  • We only use subject matter expert linguists for any localization projects and work closely with our clients’ teams to ensure brand messaging and tone of voice are consistent across any language.
  • Translation, DTP and typesetting, and QA for full end-to-end translation service. Translated documents are delivered ready to publish or use/go live.
  • For website translation especially, we are able to offer API feeds to our dedicated Translation Management System (TMS) to integrate with any content management system (CMS) or product information management (PIM) system. This allows for seamless content translations as any changes in the source language are pushed to our TMS in real time for translation.


We provide an end-to-end solution for website translation, with no manual work required on the client side. We can work directly with the existing CMS to analyse and translate content as quickly as possible. We also offer a linguistic sign-off element, which assists with the final quality assurance once reintegration of any content has taken place. This provides complete peace of mind when it comes to website translation and content localization.

Our offering is automated throughout, and each service offering provides a seamless addition.

To see how we can help you with retail translation, website translation, content localisation and/or additional services, visit our case study section to view how other organisations are already profiting from a global supplier.

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