Technical Translation And Other Language Services For The Manufacturing Industry

Due to the increasing reliance on globalized supply chains, it has never been more important for technical documents to be available in multiple languages. From user manuals to troubleshooting guides, Global Lingo supports manufacturing localisation from start to finish, offering multiple technical translation services.

We have a dedicated team of technical translators with in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry and the right skills to not only translate technical documents and websites but also localize software, hardware, various technical trainings, and much more.

We know that manufacturing documentation is prone to numerous revisions and updates. Therefore, Global Lingo develops translation processes tailored to each client’s requirements, incorporating the most appropriate and advanced forms of technology throughout the process. This bespoke technology includes our customer platform GloZone, allowing simple management of translation requirements and content across any language.

Technical translation services and benefits

  • Technical translation by experienced linguists in over 150 languagesWe offer technical translation by expert linguists in over 150 languages. This will enable your technical documents to reach a much wider audience and be accessible to people across many different countries.
  • Software and hardware UI localisationLaunch and update software worldwide with Global Lingo. We offer software and hardware UI localisation as part of our technical translation services. Our linguists have excellent experience in working with and translating multiple user interfaces for set languages and cultures. This process ensures that wherever software is implemented, it will function exactly as intended with cultural components considered.
  • Patent translations with optional certificationOur expert team of linguistics are skilled in patent translation. This method of translation requires extremely particular terminology and specialized skill. As patent documents are the largest and most up-to-date collection of technical documents, this service is a highly valuable process for businesses.
  • Training and e-learning localisationTraining and e-learning localisation is highly important in growing a global network and ensuring a multilingual workforce. We offer this benefit in our technical translation process. Effectively teach your employees the value of your business and build their skill-set in an inclusive way.
  • Website translation for a truly global audience reachEnglish isn’t the native language of over 71% of internet users. This fact highlights the importance of translating your website for a worldwide audience. We offer website translation in over 150 languages, making sure that your website and brand message is communicated at a global level.
  • Subtitling and voice-overs of multimedia for marketing or training purposesAs leading providers of high-quality, professional voice over and subtitling services, we also translate these particular services into multiple languages across multiple forms of media for marketing and training purposes. A high-quality marketing video that includes an explainer (in the form of subtitles or a voice over) distinguishes professional video content from amateur video content. Enhance the value of your marketing and training media worldwide.
  • Solutions for automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and automation, 3D printing, chemicals, CAD/CAE/CAMGlobal Lingo provide multiple high-end language solutions for a diverse range of products, software and industries. This demonstrates our company’s versatile abilities and the talent of our expert linguists, who can technically translate an impressive number of solutions in an accurate and culturally inclusive way.

Approach to technical translation

With dedicated Project Managers specialized in handling technical translations, we cater for all technical translation services. By using native linguists who have a proven technical background, Global Lingo ensure high quality and consistency across all projects, with fast turnarounds thanks to our strategically placed global offices. Our terminology management tools and translation memory technology ensure we capture and use terminology specific to your organisation. We then translate this terminology consistently across all content types.

A full end-to-end solution with Global Lingo means you can receive ready-to-use translated content. This includes Desktop Publishing (DTP) and typesetting, as well as QA services (linguistic sign-off) specifically tailored to design documents, CAD documents and technical drawings. This is supported by our quality-driven internal processes compliant with ISO 9001 certification. In addition, you receive free access to and use of our online client platform, GloZone, for protected file transfers and data storage. For added value offered for the manufacturing industry, see also our other services below.

Technical Translation, London

Visit our AngloGold Ashanti and Honda case studies to view examples of our translation of technical documents and other translation services. Discover the advantages a specialist global supplier can bring to your business.

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