Cluj Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the historical capital of Transylvania and the location of Global Lingo’s European Languages Services Hub. It is also a vibrant, cultural and educational city. ‘The treasure city’ is situated in the centre of Transylvania, being surrounded on three sides by hills ranging between 500 and 700 meters and it covers an area of 179.5 square kilometers.

It may not be flanked by breath-taking mountains or be as instantly arresting as other cities in Romania, but Cluj is big on charm, and in no time, you’ll be infected by it. Film capital of Romania, the city is bursting with cineastes, as the Transylvania International Film Festival, held each year in the last week of May, attracts plenty of international talent, while the Transylvania Jazz Festival, held in October, represents another cultural highlight.

Cluj-Napoca is “the Heart of Transylvania: It lies in the centre of the country, at the crossroads of many national and international highways. The city is a tourist destination and a starting point for other tourist targets. A cosmopolitan European city and an important destination for business in South Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca has a remarkable potential for foreign investments. The rapid growth in the Romanian financial sector and the fact that one of the top 5-banks in the country, Banca Transilvania, has its headquarters in the city, has turned Cluj-Napoca into the financial centre of the country.

A Pole of Diversity

The City of Cluj-Napoca is also a pole of diversity and multiculturalism: it is the place where people, some even speaking different languages, know how to live, to accept and to respect each other’s values in a city that was never a single ethnic group, or a single denomination.

The six state and several private universities located here helped Cluj-Napoca become the city with the largest percentage of student population in Romania. The students make this city their home, and with its busy boulevards, baroque architecture, bohemian cafes, and back streets animated with bon viveurs and subterranean bars, one can only agree why.

Cluj-Napoca city centre

The growth of the number of students each year, and the high degree of well-educated people at city level, are two very important causes of both economic growth and raised living standards in the city and area. Due to the high level of education provided by the universities, the city offers a highly skilled labour force.

Creative and Loud

All of the above, plus the flavourful food, and the welcoming feeling one has when visiting Cluj, were the reasons why Global Lingo decided to open an office here. Since 2012, we have managed to put in place a very hands-on financial department and an experienced and dedicated team of project managers and vendor administrators. We are continuing to expand, adding more roles to the team here in Cluj, such as pricing analysts and marketing support for the sales team in the London office.

The team here is creative and loud, enjoys a good laugh and would never turn their backs on any social activities. Most of us are coming from a background of studying foreign languages and working for Global Lingo is the perfect opportunity to continue enjoying our hobbies, while successfully delivering high-quality work.