Service overview

Translation services help companies distribute content to other audiences, whether this is simply information in documents, web content, product or marketing campaigns, or audio-visual media.

Challenges with this are typically related to the need for accurate translations produced by linguists who are subject matter experts so that terminology and phrases used are appropriate and relevant. Added to this are challenges associated with resources to ensure flexibility of service, catering for high volumes, or projects with fast turnarounds.

We have an extensive pool of linguists covering over 150 languages and any language combination, with very different backgrounds and areas of expertise. This ensures we can cater even for the largest of projects without compromising on quality or delivery times.

Using Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) tools, our linguists carry over the meaning of a source text into a given target text. This process is aided by Translation Memories (TM) and terminology management tools which keep track of previously translated segments. This is particularly important to keep consistency across similar documents and ensure cost efficiencies.

Service features and benefits

  • Effective use of TM, glossaries, terminology database tools and samples ensure we achieve linguistic consistency across all client content, helping with branding and corporate identity across our clients’ multilingual content. This also ensures we adapt to terminology and stylistic preferences.
  • The use of TM technology helps our clients save money on translation. The more work done, the bigger the savings.
  • All our linguists are native speakers and subject matter experts in their field. We rigorously test and vet our linguists, ensuring all translations produced are accurate, using appropriate terminology and expressions.
  • Our translation services can cater for content in documents, any audio-visual media (e.g. voice-over recording, closed captions/subtitles within videos and animation), images, software, web content and more. This ability to handle any file format and content type means a full end-to-end service can be provided for any translation requirement.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified with a 3-stage quality assurance process. This ensures consistently high-quality and accurate translations are produced regardless of specialism, volume, or deadline required.
    • Translation by 1st linguist
    • Proofreading/editing by 2nd linguist
    • Quality checks (spelling, grammar, numbers, formatting etc.)


Our processes are stringent, precisely documented and certified to ISO 9001 for Quality Management. A dedicated team of Project Managers and Account Managers is on hand and available throughout as your single point of contact.

From receipt of the source files through to delivery of the reformatted or reintegrated document, the team is on hand to help.

  • File preparation and sharing of glossaries, translation memories, source files and any other relevant reference material with our linguists. This ensures any new material produced is in line with previous translations produced for you.
  • The Proofreading stage is thorough and comprehensive, and the proofreader checks for accuracy of meaning, spelling, grammar, appropriate use of phrases, correct use of terminology and more.
  • We also directly manage in-country stakeholders if the translation will be reviewed by internal teams around the world. Effective cyclical feedback and linguist asset update processes (all feedback and updates are always reviewed and updated to assets such as glossaries and TMs), means client reviewers do not need to feed back the same preference twice.
  • Finally, the file is formatted or reintegrated to your requirements, so the delivery is identical to the original document/content.


The translation process is managed end to end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal, which centralises all operations, regardless of time zone and location.

Visit our case study section to view examples of our Translation work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business. Global Lingo can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your translation requirements.

Global Lingo can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your translation requirements. Contact us for a free consultation and further information or request a quote via the button below.

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