Why do companies choose Global Lingo for translation?

We recognise the importance of precise, fluent, clear messaging for businesses operating globally. The art of creating a piece of work that is as impactful in the target language as it is in the source language involves more than just a literal word-for-word translation; it requires the ability to match the tone and context of the original piece to the target language. For us, the creation and management of multi-lingual material is more than a business – it is a passion. And this is reflected in our commitment to providing an exceptional service delivery. We pride ourselves on being able to learn and adapt to provide a tailored workflow that best suits your needs.

With offices world-wide, we can work on your project 24/5, improving delivery times and offering you the flexibility you would expect from a network of global linguists.

Our Approach

  • Access to 6,000+ freelancers specialising in over 150 languages
  • Use of in-country linguists, translating only into their mother tongue
  • Translators with sector specialisation in addition to linguistic expertise
  • Maintenance of a bespoke ‘terminology database’ from source to target language for each client
  • Use of translation memory tools ensuring consistent translation in the target language
  • Use of desktop publishers, engineers and testers to provide print/publication-ready content
  • Dedicated client portal, GloZone, centralising the entire project cycle

Our Project Managers

  • Are experts in managing multi-language and complex projects
  • Analyse and advise on process improvements to better streamline the workflows
  • Specialise in sectors and take the time to understand an organisation’s terminology, style preferences, deadlines and budgets
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in combining task management with process workflows and language technologies

Translation Clients