5 Translation trends to look out for in 2022

Change is inevitable and, in business, it’s a wake-up call to adapt and rethink how you conduct business. To stand out and thrive in 2022, you must be accessible and available for each customer. 

Adjusting your business strategy is a perfect start. The next step is to prepare for 2022 when it comes to translation services. Learn about the translation trends you should be looking out for in 2022.

1. AI and CAT – Computer-aided translation

Some professional translation service providers worry about the redundancy of human translation as AI and CAT technologies take over the industry. But as we can see, AI growth hasn’t significantly affected the need for human touch.

AI and the need for human translators actually go hand in hand. AI translation services support instead of doing away with human translators. AI simplifies translation and helps us work smarter by elevating quality levels.

Reliance on AI and CAT tools may increase in 2022 as professional translation services pursue quality and efficiency. CAT technologies can help push more content to the market at a faster and more efficient pace. 

AI or neural machine translation is one of the best things happening in the industry. CAT software automates translation and takes quality and efficiency to the next level. We see its power as search engines evolve to provide AI translations to users. 

NMT is still a work in progress. Platforms like Google Translate are not as effective. They are yet to handle complicated texts from local languages. Professional translation services investing in CAT will still need human editors to edit AI-translated content.

2. Transcreation boom

As internet users increase, the need for translation services to support communication grows. Companies around the globe want to share all forms of content and reach global audiences.

Diversity and globalisation are indispensable growth factors in the modern world. Businesses need to work with global talent and expand their audiences to new markets. Global marketing strategies are now a necessity. 

The biggest challenge with global marketing is overcoming linguistic boundaries. No wonder professional translators are adapting to offer transcreating services. New digital initiatives are key to appealing to entire audiences.

Transcreation services are vital because of evolving internet demography. A Cisco index predicts the growth of internet users worldwide from 3.4 billion to 4.8 billion by the end of 2022. 

Much of the internet growth will come from emerging markets. North America and Western markets are already mature─ with more than 90% of their people using the internet. Room for growth is in the Middle East and Africa, rural parts of Asia Pacific, and Latin America. 

3. Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting tools are becoming popular as businesses explore breaking the language barrier. Remote interpreting eases communications between speakers of different languages by allowing for ranged remote translation.

With remote interpreting, it’s easy to interact with global audiences in real-time. And the Global Lingo team offers a complete end-to-end solution, with industry experts and the required software.

Remote interpreting will foster international business and tourism and equalise communication. Only around a fifth of the world’s population speaks English. Meaning there’s huge potential to break into new markets with remote interpreting services.

4. Increased need for website localisation

There’s no doubt the future of commerce is online. As seen, internet usage is growing, and mobile shoppers are increasing. Mobile commerce is likely to account for 44% of e-commerce in 2024. 

With this growth in mind, more businesses are shifting focus to e-commerce. To grow even a small business means realigning structures to accommodate global consumers. 

Owning an e-commerce store is now a necessity. But to thrive online, you must integrate website localisation in your digital marketing strategy. 

Website localisation is a translation service to enable your audience to appeal to different cultures and languages. The obvious benefit to it is that you will be able to convey your message to different tribes, races, and nationalities. 

This is a translation trend for which more businesses want to increase their market penetration. Offering web content in different languages allows you to thrive amid translation trends. 

5. Subtitle translation trends

One of the translation trends we foresee in 2022 is the heightened need for subtitle translation services, driven in part by the emergence of global streaming providers like Netflix and the younger generations video versus audio focus. The demand for comprehensible videos is increasing. So, adding quality subtitles will be a must.

A Cisco study predicts that videos will account for 82% of the internet traffic in 2022. And the fact 75% of people watch online videos on mute means captioning is necessary.

It’s essential to align your content style with audience capabilities, especially lingua. Adding subtitles helps meet audience behaviours as well as make your videos understandable.

Many companies are integrating subtitles in different languages in their videos. Subtitling is the right thing to do to allow entire global audiences to consume your videos. A Facebook ads research shows captioned videos increase views by 12%. 

Captioning videos seems a small thing to do, but the accessibility difference is notable. You may think about skimping on it to avoid professional costs. This is a huge mistake when you want your message to reach different cultures. Make sure expert subtitlers handle your video captioning tasks. 

Professional translation services understand different languages and cultural contexts. They are your safe best to avoid embarrassing and expensive subtitling mistakes. Contact Global Lingo for professional and high-quality captioning projects. 

Realign your business strategy to thrive with these translation trends

Adapting in time for these translation trends can give you a competitive edge in your industry. Don’t take any chances with business growth. 

Let Global Lingo take charge of your translation services. Then, you’ll be in a position to grasp potential sales opportunities. Request a quote for professional translation services.

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