The five types of automotive translation

Automotive translation is a specific niche in the translation world. It plays a vital role in various phases of the design, manufacturing, and sales of automobiles worldwide. Right from the head offices of the world’s major auto brands to the manufacturing and assembly bases to the showrooms in your locality, brands leverage different forms of automotive translations to keep things going.

Whether the element that sets you apart from your competitors is exceptional auto design, driver luxury, precision steering, or suspension advancements, Global Lingo’s professional translators will communicate it. The passion for top-class translations runs in our blood.

This article digs deep into the five types of automotive translation that we deal with. It offers you some detailed insights into how our professional translation and project management services can help your automotive brand maintain and extend its market reach.

Why you need professional automotive translation services

Like any other business, automotive companies need to be able to connect and engage with their target audiences to increase sales and boost revenue. However, the automobile audience is both local and global.

Offering professionally translated auto products to your clients means your brand will be accurately reflected in your content. In other words, by translating and localising content, you will speak your audience’s language and make them feel part of your brand. For example, the car manufacturer Honda uses Global Lingo to translate its internal communications into 28 languages, ensuring the entire company works towards the same goals.

Auto manufacturers operate globally but sell locally, so accurate translation of everything from manuals to marketing is vital.

Let’s take a closer look at the five types of automotive translations. Global Lingo can handle any and all of these for you.

Technical manuals

Some people think of automotive translation as only referring to vehicle manuals. They are right to some extent. Automotive translation and vehicle manuals are commonly paired. In fact, it is a global legal requirement for vehicle automobile manufacturers to offer product manual translations and other safety-related information to users.

Currently, most auto manufacturers leverage machine translators to perform automotive translations. Auto manuals often apply simple language and closely resemble previous versions, making them the ideal raw material for machine translation. Our human post-editing services ensure that these translations are accurate and easy to read.

Training materials

Getting training material translation right is essential for auto companies. These materials familiarise mechanics with the systems they interact with and help them learn how to check and repair them correctly. The creation of new products means that new training materials are called for. For example, the current increased demand for hybrid and electric cars has led to an increased demand for relevant training materials.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Most car lovers can easily name over ten car manufacturers without batting an eye. Car logos are everywhere, and you will also see ads on billboards, TV, in the cinema and on social media. However, these big brands we see everywhere do not produce all the parts in their product offerings.

Vehicle manufacturers often source car parts like spark plugs, shock absorbers, lights, batteries, and brake pads from other manufacturers. These parts manufacturers are known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). All of these parts need instruction manuals and labelling in many different languages. Therefore, it is vitally important that the translations are consistent and precise. That’s where a good translation service can prove invaluable to manufacturers.

Marketing translations

Content marketing is king, even in the automotive industry. Therefore, the accurate translation of marketing materials forms a considerable portion of our client services.

Translation service providers often provide marketing translations as a distinct category. However, while marketing content translations need that same creative flair, automotive translation also requires translators to ensure they use the proper terminology and have a clear understanding of the technology involved.

Here at Global Lingo, we have handled marketing translations for normal press releases, point-of-sale materials, Google Ads, YouTube videos, and much more.

Human-machine interface

The Human Machine Interface, or HMI, is the interface between you and your car. Among the five types of automotive translations, HMI is seen as one of the most complex. HMI translations are used for features like onboard sat nav systems, interactive sound systems and phone synchronisation systems.

If you request HMI translation services from Global Lingo, our linguistic experts will consider all aspects, including the best voice commands for interacting with your car.

Trusting Global Lingo to achieve your goals

Partnering with a professional translation service will give you a solid strategic strength over your competitors. But to create added value that your target audience cannot ignore you need a translation service that offers specialist in-depth automotive translation experience rather than one that ‘just’ translates the language.

That’s why you should consider partnering with Global Lingo. Our automotive translation service can professionally translate the current trends into more sales and satisfied clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive a free quote.

Global Lingo has been in business since 2006, so we have many years of translation experience. The business has grown during that time, and we now offer our services in over 150 languages, thanks to our team of expert linguists, professional language services consultants and experienced project managers. We can react quickly to the needs of your business and produce high-quality translations that are properly checked for quality and accuracy.

Over the years, we have partnered with many automotive companies. Our teams of experts have the in-house knowledge to deal with the specialist needs of this industry. We appreciate the importance of getting translations absolutely right in each locality.

In addition, we also guarantee confidentiality. Our teams understand that some products have strict press embargo deadlines, and all parties involved must respect those deadlines. With a proven track record within the auto industry, you can trust us with your confidential translations, whether it’s press releases or manuals for a new car.

Here at Global Lingo, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to cater to all of your translation needs. With offices in 6 countries around the globe and access to a pool of over 6000 freelancers, our professional language services can help you take your business to the next level.

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