Interpreting service overview

Language barriers can be problematic, especially in an international organisation with offices across the globe. For these situations, we can provide different interpreting services – for instance, simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting – to overcome this linguistic barrier.

Interpreting is known as live translation and should be performed by qualified interpreters with experience and knowledge in specific fields. Research, neutrality and professionalism are key to achieving successful communication during the interpreting process. Professional interpreting is essential for efficient communication and proper transmission of a discourse in a multilingual environment.

The challenges of a business meeting, trade show or international conference are numerous. Cultural factors and specific terminology of different industries must be taken into consideration to convey the message in a proficient manner. Furthermore, the logistics of catering for simultaneous interpreting for large groups of people (e.g. for large-scale conferences) can be tricky – moving multiple interpreters and equipment to specific locations while managing budget. We are able to provide a full service for this and can manage the logistics as well.

Interpreting services can be beneficial for meetings, focus groups and market research events, large scale conferences with speaker/audience setup, and more. Within the public sector it is used at medical appointments, housing association meetings with tenants, social services, police departments and more.

Global Lingo – An interpreting agency you can trust

Finding a top-notch interpreter can be a challenge. Every industry and sector has different jargon and specialised knowledge required to be an effective communicator. Global Lingo is an interpreting agency that understands how important it is to have the right person for the job. That’s why we worked hard to build a network of over 6,000 linguists for nearly every language imaginable and with a wide variety of industry experience.

Our linguists are extremely proactive and are constantly improving their skills and staying up to date with the latest changes in your industry so the interpretation services they provide will be both accurate and seamlessly delivered.

Global Lingo’s interpreters are available for all your interpretation needs, regardless of the language, industry and also your location. All of our interpreters are proficient in remote interpreting that is delivered through our partner Interprefy’s proprietary online interpreting platform, so no matter where your business takes you, Global Lingo can help.

Interpreting service features and benefits

  • Simultaneous interpreting
    The interpreter listens to the speaker and provides an accurate translation, simultaneously to the ongoing discourse, in the required language. While this might seem like a straightforward task, it requires trained skills to memorise and reproduce the exact meaning. A professional interpreter is aware that being impartial is a fundamental principle of their profession, to create the impression that the communication between speakers is direct.
  • Consecutive interpreting
    The speaker stops after 2-6 minutes to allow the interpreter to translate the message. This method is particularly used for meetings with a lower number of attendees or in court. Knowledge of the legal implications plays an important role in conveying the message from one speaker to another.
  • Remote interpreting
    This is offered through an online service to assist with conferences, events, workshops and more. The advancement of technology has seen more and more organisations opt for this method to save time and travel costs of the interpreter.
  • Online simultaneous interpreting
    Global Lingo works with interpreting platform partners, such as Interprefy, to provide online interpreting. This service enables our native interpreters to join different conferences, meetings or events online, regardless of their physical location.

The Interprefy platform can be used for both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. We can also work with our clients’ in-house solutions, such as Civicom, Focus Vision, Mercuri etc., enabling our interpreters to connect seamlessly.

Global Lingo’s Approach

Our interpreters are qualified and trained in translation and interpreting. We only use native interpreters who are proficient in interpreting from and into their mother tongue. They are subject matter experts and extensively experienced, which ensures consistently accurate and clear interpreting.

Finally, they are thoroughly vetted by our internal linguist management team to ensure that they are suitably trained and professionally qualified and have demonstrated their subject expertise. This guarantees accurate interpretation of high quality for any language combinations.

Visit our case study section to view an example of our interpreting work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business.

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