As the World Shifts to eConferencing Platforms, eConference Interpreting takes Centerstage

Interpreting Services Provide Equitable Access to All

In today’s business world, interpreting services have become quite commonplace, especially for international markets. As we become increasingly more global, interpreting services allow clients, partners, and end users to communicate on a level playing field.

From healthcare, finance, entertainment, and travel, to government services, insurance, training and consultation, interpreters provide equitable access to all, regardless of the language one speaks.

While the majority of interpreting services have traditionally been offered onsite, the onset of the new coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has increased the need for remote interpreting which is now on the rise.

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There is little mystery here. Without question, COVID-19 has disrupted the way we live our lives both personally and professionally. It has equally disrupted both national and global marketplaces which are now shifting away from face-to-face meetings and conferences and adopting remote communication alternatives such as eConferencing platforms. As a result, requests for remote interpreting services have quite literally skyrocketed amid the pandemic. 

Increases in Working from Home 

In the fall of 2020, Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) surveyed approximately 1,200 chief information officers (CIOs) from around the world and across different industries. According to survey results, the percentage of permanent global remote workers “is expected to double in 2021 as productivity has increased during the coronavirus pandemic.”2

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Data Source: Reuters

Remote working is likely here for the long run which poses a greater communication challenge for businesses. While internal company meetings can be scheduled online fairly easily, what about those quarterly or annual conferences that connect key industry players from around the world?

These conferences help companies gain new industry insights, learn from industry influencers, and, through networking, help companies connect to new customers. In sum, conferences are vital to a company’s continued growth.

But when the pandemic first hit, industries from around the globe went into crisis mode, cancelling all pre-scheduled conferences. How would they continue to effectively and regularly communicate with their internal and external stakeholders? 

It didn’t take long for companies to turn to virtual alternatives in order to stay connected. Soon, the world saw a surge in eConferencing platforms. Public and private sectors alike now conduct and attend industry eConferences, and for many, it has also meant gaining an international audience that they might not otherwise have had.

However, along with eConferences — and certainly along with gaining a larger, international audience — comes the need for eConference interpreting.

eConference Interpreting

As the world continues to enforce social distancing, remote interpreting has become the ideal eConference language solution. eConference interpreting allows businesses both large and small to connect to their global and local multilingual audiences and allows all attendees to actively participate regardless of their language. But there are few things to consider when choosing an eConference interpreting provider.

eConference interpreting requires professional interpreters who have undergone highly specialised education and training.This allows them to gain in-depth knowledge of terminology in varying fields.

For this reason, eConference interpreters are often booked months in advance. The quality of eConference interpreting equipment also plays a critical role in the overall success of your eConference. While some platforms are especially designed for remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), others are video conferencing platforms that offer an interpreting feature as an add-on.

Planning an upcoming eConference? It is highly recommended that you book your eConference interpreters well in advance and research the platforms they use to ensure a successful eConference experience for all.

Global Lingo’s eConference Interpreting Solutions

As a global language solutions provider, Global Lingo offers professional native-speaking eConference interpreters for hundreds of spoken languages as well as for several sign languages including British Sign Language (BSL). We have provided our clients with a number of specialised eConference language solutions for over a decade, working with both the private and public sectors.

Looking for interpreting services for your upcoming eConference, investor relations presentation, global town hall report, webcast, or eMeeting? Global Lingo delivers. As a tech-enabled small organisation that services the globe, we offer flexible language solutions with a human touch. Global Lingo will always go that extra mile for our clients. No matter your time zone, we’ll support you through the entire process. We even offer GloZone, Global Lingo’s client portal, allowing clients to log in and prebook your next online event.

We are Global Lingo, and we are passionate about what we do. Call us today


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