Regardless of your thoughts about the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England Manager over Harry Rednapp, you have to take into account one skill Roy has over most Football Managers. He’s Multilingual.

According to his Wikipedia page, Roy Hodgson can speak five languages (including his native English)  Norwegian, Swedish, German and Italian as well as some Danish, French and Finnish.

As the manager of an England side going into the European Championships in 2012 and now the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014, these skills are surely going to be useful. No longer will opposing players, managers, fans, referees or officials be able to mutter under their breath in their own language certain in the knowledge that the England Manager doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

Fabio Capello was a different story altogether

Unlike Hodgson, previous England Manager Fabio Capello didn’t take the language to heart and only learnt around 100 words of English. Wonder why he wasn’t a hit with the players?

If only business took the same approach!

If businesses took the same attitude and equipped their staff with similar linguistic skills, they’d ensure that, in their dealings with clients who spoke different languages, they made the most of any opportunities.

Of course learning as many languages as Roy Hodgson will take a lot of work. Handily, that’s where translation and interpreting companies, like Global Lingo, can help you.

So, if like Roy, you want to take on the best of Europe this year, make sure you’re using the correct language and speak to Global Lingo about how we can help you.

Roy Hodgson’s International Footballing CV

  • Roy Hodgson has managed the international sides of Switzerland, Finland, the UAE.
  • Roy Hodgson took Blackburn to a top-six finish (including landing a spot in the UEFA Cup).
  • Roy Hodgson qualified  Blackburn for the UEFA Cup.
  • Roy Hodgson took FC Copenhagen from seventh and eighth in their previous two seasons to title winners in 2001.
  • Roy Hodgson took Fulham to the UEFA Cup final.
  • Roy Hodgson almost took Finland to their first ever international tournament (Euro 2008).
  • Roy Hodgson guided Switzerland to 3rd in the FIFA rankings in the mid-90s.

Thanks to the England Football Blog.

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