Market Research industry overview

Launching international studies efficiently and gaining effective market insights globally is paramount to the modern research process, but it can be challenging. This is where Global Lingo comes in with our localisation expertise.

We offer specialised and centralised language support for local, regional or global market research. We ensure your projects requiring Quantitative and Qualitative fieldwork can be launched quicker and analysed more accurately, through localisation, no matter which market or industry.

Relevant services and benefits

  • Localisation of discussion guides, screeners and questionnaires into over 150 languages
  • Back translations of OE responses
  • Link checking, DQ checking and cross-matching of online surveys and OEs
  • English & foreign coding services
  • Face-to-face interpreting for market research in-depth interviews or focus groups globally
  • English and foreign transcriptions of any audio or video research event (IDI, FGD etc.)
  • Single-stage transcriptions (foreign into English) and captioning/subtitling for video research events.


With dedicated Project Managers specialising in market research project workflows based locally in our global offices, we are able to offer swift turnarounds for your projects. Global Lingo has a network of trusted and experienced native linguists, familiar with market research content and formats. Individuals are selected based on content specialism and turnaround time.
We support all linguistic elements of market research fieldwork, acting as your one-stop shop for global study support. Our client portal, GloZone, is free to use and you are able to track projects, review content live in situ, and securely send and receive QNR’s and other required content.

Visit our IPSOS & Kadence case studies to view examples of our Localisation work and discover the advantages a global supplier with market research experience can bring to your business.

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