Emerging markets across all continents are offering companies the chance to grow their clientele, so understanding your business’ local market needs around the world via international market research is more important than ever.

International market research allows you to collect and analyse data to better inform your business decisions for international markets, as a one-size-fits-all approach to your business is unlikely to succeed.

However, the problems traditionally associated with conducting international market research in a successful and economical way often act as a barrier to tapping into the value of these international markets. These barriers include:

  • Struggling to conduct fieldwork in multiple languages
  • Translating qualitative responses in multiple languages into English
  • Transcribing audio and video research from market research events
  • Captioning or subtitling videos for research purposes

Luckily, at Global Lingo, we’re here to help you navigate all the hurdles associated with conducting effective international market research.

Performing international market research fieldwork

Market research fieldwork, in which you collect the primary data for your research, is the first step in performing international market research, but comes with its own set of problems when that research is to be performed internationally. Without knowledgeable market research specialists who are native to the languages of each region you are collecting data from, your fieldwork will take longer, cost more, and return less than perfect results. At worst, your results may come back entirely incorrect!

At Global Lingo, we know that whatever industry you’re operating in, taking advantage of the increasingly globalized market requires market research specialists with native linguistic proficiency. Our dedicated project managers can work with your business’ workflows while supporting all the linguistic elements of your market research fieldwork.

Translating qualitative market research responses into English

Once you’ve performed your market research fieldwork, you will be faced with the task of translating your research and results into (most often) English. As we’ve covered before, meaning can be entirely skewed when translating from one language to another, so certified translation services remain the only credible option for businesses looking to research international market requirements.

Transcribing video and audio market research responses

For any business, large or small, which is conducting international market research, it’s important to be able to quickly and accurately reflect upon the content of your market research responses. Long delays can be costly, and if the delays are long enough you can miss important developments in your sector. However, the process of transcribing and interpreting video and audio market research responses accurately is a long process by nature.

We frequently work with global market research and consulting firms, including Ipsos, where we transcribed five concurrent technical medical research studies. Our specialist teams transcribed and interpreted more than 50 hours of technical interview content within turnaround times of 24 to 72 hours per study. Our work allowed Ipsos to take the appropriate actions in the field to increase the quality of future patient care.

Captioning and subtitling market research videos

Some international market research is carried out via video or audio recordings, rather than face-to-face fieldwork. In these instances, it’s important to turn to an effective translation services provider to ensure the subtitles and captions are adequately translated before performing any research. Businesses with poorly captioned videos and audio risk muddying their data and providing skewed or false results.

Global Lingo’s voice over and subtitling services are provided using highly specific industry-leading equipment and software expertise.

International market research interpreting and services

At Global Lingo, we’ll make your international market research efforts more effective, as well as saving you the headache of attempting to interpret your international responses yourself. Our experienced native translators and linguists are familiar with market research content and formats.

We support all linguistic elements of market research fieldwork, in part through the use of our client portal GloZone, which allows you to track projects, review content, and receive QNRs – all for free!