The iPhone and iPad are revolutionising mobile computing with more and more apps being made available everyday. I got my first (if short) play with an iPad the other day and I must say it is a beautiful piece of technology, though I am a huge Apple fan.

The interface, just like on the iPhone is very slick and easy to use and the possibilities seem to be endless. I’m not qualified to go into the pros and cons of the iPad and iPhone, there are loads of places to get that, so I’ll just say that it was love at first sight!

Make your app a worldwide hit

The proliferation of application and the number of units sold mean that both machines are the place to be developing for. But if you only develop your apps in English, you’re limiting your potential user pool.

However, if you use professional translation you can unlock the whole world who want your app in their own language. As far as development is concerned that’s down to you guys. Once you have everything ready then translating and localising is something best left to the professionals, which is where we come in.

We’ve just launched out new iPhone and iPad translation service, so take a look and then give us a call to talk over our project.