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APAC – Australia expansion

By |10th March, 2020|Categories: News|

10 March 2020, Sydney – Global Lingo is pleased to announce its Asia Pacific expansion, with the addition of an Australian office in Sydney. Deborah Nicholas joined Global Lingo’s Asia Pacific team in January 2020 as Business Development Director and is set to cover the Australia and New Zealand regions. Deborah’s background is in Conference Interpreting and Translation, and she has worked in the language industry for many years in various roles.  Since moving [...]

Maximising Your Outreach in Times of a Pandemic

By |6th March, 2020|Categories: News|

The global business world is full of uncertainty, particularly at this very moment as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) causes logistical disorder around business meetings & travel. While the continuity of world trade and exchange is under its greatest pressure for a generation, advances in technology mean that there has never been as much potential for easy communication between countries and cultures, if you have the right language & technology partner. Here's how Global Lingo can [...]

Video Game Localisation – Everything You Need to Know

By |5th March, 2020|Categories: Global Lingo Blog, News|

Video game localisation is invaluable when it comes to reaching a global audience with your gaming software. In order for your gaming product to achieve maximum exposure and revenue as a result, you need it to be translated worldwide. Video game translation is most successful when an audience cannot tell that the software has been used for a different audience, feeling embedded within the world of the game as a result. This might sound [...]

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