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Everything You Need to Know About Language Localisation

By |13th July, 2021|Categories: News|

The internationalisation of the business world means that we have access to a much larger pool of potential clients than we had in the past. But successfully globalising your business isn’t as simple as shipping overseas. If you’re launching a product or brand in a foreign market that speaks another language, then you need to consider language localisation across your business.  From the content on your website to the packaging on your products, your [...]

Simultaneous Interpreting for Focus Group Marketing

By |7th July, 2021|Categories: News|

In an age of information databases, network connectivity, interactive media, and the Internet, quick access to consumer information has become the norm. — Decision Analyst The Power of Focus Group Marketing  Focus groups allow market researchers to collect and analyze responses from their target audience and are often used to discover how customers feel about a company's products. Focus groups are also used to glean insights about customer experiences as well as how employees view [...]

3 Solutions to Make Your International Virtual Meeting Go Smoothly

By |10th June, 2021|Categories: News|

Being able to cater to an international, multilingual clientele greatly widens the scope of your market. This level of international reach provides you with varied opportunities, serving your long-term strategy well. Since March of 2020, virtual meetings and conferences are a necessity. The circumstances have changed the way in which businesses operate. Yet, virtual working does pose a unique set of challenges. International virtual meetings can often pose linguistic or accessibility barriers which could [...]

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