One of the first questions we are asked by our customers is “How much does it cost to translate a (website, book, document, PowerPoint, CMS, user manual, magazine, newsletter etc.)?

The answer is sometimes very easy. At the most basic level our costs are calculated per thousands of words. So, if you need a website translated from English to French and there are a total of 1,000 words, we’ll charge you at that rate. If you have less than that then we have a lower minimum charge.

So, on the face of it, the cost of a translation is pretty easy to work out.

Count how many words you have, use our online translation quote system (entering the language combination you have) and we’ll give you a price instantly.

But once you get past just the word count there are other issues to think about.

Specialist or technical document translation

If your document is a straightforward report, communication, etc. then we can use pretty much any of our professional translators to translate it. But if you need a translation for a technical document — such as an engineering specification, a financial report or a legal brief — we’d use specialist translators who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. This ensures that all the terminology is correct, which is vital for this type of document.

Does your translation require Desktop Publishing?

Many translations are used for print production. We can take your original Desktop Publishing (DTP) files and translate directly into them, and even update graphic files — just supply the originals to us.

How quickly do you need your translation?

A standard turnaround for a translator is 2,000 words per day. Of course, we can translate more words than this if you need us to. To do this we’ll assemble a team of translators and appoint an editor to ensure that the final project is of a consistent quality.

So, you can see that a translation job can be easy to price if it’s straightforward. However, if you require additional services it gets a little more complex. This is why all our sales team and project managers are highly trained to ensure we take the pain and worry out of translation.

Find out how our translation services helped organisations just like yours

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