Looking to streamline your business’s workflow and boost productivity within the workplace? Well, it may be time to look into how corporate transcription services can help you work more efficiently. After all, ineffective communication is detrimental to your business as it can be costly, a waste of resources and time. In this article, we are going to go over everything you need to know about corporate transcription and how important it is for your company. 

What is corporate transcription?

First things first, what exactly is corporate transcription? The simple description is that it’s the creation of a written document from an audio recording. This sounds simple enough, but it’s more challenging than you’d think to create high-quality and relevant transcriptions. There are many situations in which you may need to enlist the help of corporate transcription companies. This includes meetings, speeches, research, conferences, and seminars. Whether they’re held in person or over the phone, you need to make sure that this information is accurately noted. 

Here are some of the ways that corporate transcription services will help your business: 


It’s not always easy to remember exactly what was said in meetings and during negotiations. Especially the more time that passes. So, it’s important to have a written record of what was said, so you can refer to it later. 


Whether it’s a research interview or a focus group, it is essential to have all the findings accurately detailed in written form. This is so that you can refer to it later, or even be able to present that discussion after some time has passed.


Whilst you may have the conference speech written down beforehand, you cannot prepare yourself for the last-minute changes, dialogue from the audience, and of course, the questions at the end. It is better to have a transcriber to capture all the important information.

What Corporate transcription services can you get? 

These come in the following forms: 

Verbatim Transcripts 

If your meeting or conference needs to have every single word transcribed exactly as spoken, this is the service for you. This is particularly important for legal reasons such as legal or employee relations hearings as well as regulatory meetings. 

Tidied up Transcripts 

This service does what it says on the tin, it takes your audio and creates an intelligent document that can be used for publication. This service allows you to get to the meaning of the meeting or presentation. By taking out the stumbles and pauses of natural speech, you can more accurately get to the point. This service is perfect for presentations such as financial results or analysis as well as press conferences and town hall meetings.


The minute-taking service means that you’ll get all the relevant information from your meeting and none of the faff. It’s incredibly important that you get your note-taking correct. As you need someone to really understand what is relevant to the topic you’re discussing and what is not. Also, so that important information doesn’t get lost. 

What are the benefits of corporate transcription for your business? 

So what are the benefits of using corporate transcription for your business? Let’s explore some of the most useful ways it can help your business grow.

Save time 

Quality transcription takes time! So when you have meetings and other important tasks, why spend hours and hours transcribing audio? It’s more effective to outsource this to corporate transcription companies that can do this quickly and efficiently. Allowing you to better manage your time. 

Save money 

It can be costly to rectify mistakes if your transcription doesn’t communicate the message well enough. Also, time is money! So, don’t waste your precious staff time on lengthy tasks. 

Be professional and concise

Corporate meetings can get a little casual in terms of communication. This is why you need a corporate transcription service to make sure that your notes are professional. Especially if you are presenting them. It is also important to get to the point and be concise. A transcriber will help you get to the point and cut out all the noise. It is important that everyone sees the big picture. 

Make it easier for your audience 

You should be providing multiple forms of content for your audience. Many people prefer to read their information as they don’t have time to watch a whole video or audio. So, this means they can skim read your information and find the necessary information easily. This transcript can then be used in other ways like blogs and infographics. 

SEO benefits 

Another great benefit of using corporate transcription is that you can improve your SEO ranking. Google acknowledges written content better than video or audio. So, by having the text on your website, Google can crawl that information and help you get found by your customers. 

How Global Lingo can help your business

We help many corporate businesses with their transcription needs. Industries include the following:

    • Legal
    • Finance 
    • Technology 
    • Tourism 
    • Hospitality 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Engineering 
    • Medical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail
    • eCommerce 
    • Automotive 

We can help you with a wide range of corporate transcription services in over 150 languages. Our experts are highly qualified professionals who understand the complex and technical details that you need. You can access a professional transcriber 24/7 to suit your schedule and time zone.

At Global Lingo, we take data and security incredibly seriously, with all processes certified to ISO 27001. So you can be assured that your data is in safe hands with us. Check out our full range of services and procedures here

And if you have a particular project that you would like to talk about, click here today for a quote.

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