“[T]he global pandemic has disrupted the way organisations function, just as it has disrupted life more generally.”1

Before the onset of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the adoption of eConferences had already been on the rise. However, in the age of COVID-19, there has been a sudden and dramatic spike in this adoption greatly attributed to an immediate halt in business travel and strained economic factors.

To put this into proper context, a recently published study (July 2020) conducted by researchers at the Harvard Business School looked at the number, frequency, and duration of video conferences that 3 million employees across 16 cities in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East had attended since the onset of the pandemic.

While the number of meetings and the number of employees have gone up by 12.9% and 13.5% respectively, the average length of meetings has gone down by over 20%.

Multilingual transcription services for eConferences

eConferencing helps people stay connected across time zones and geographies which has been particularly beneficial in the age of COVID-19 and restricted travel.

For companies that collaborate with international clients and global teams, the relative ease and accessibility of eConferences has truly been a game changer.

eConferences allow companies of all sizes to communicate effectively with their remote employees. For multinational corporations (MNCs), eConferences provide a shared communication platform with their global offices and business connections across a number of locales.

At its core, eConferences eliminate the need to travel during the current pandemic while increasing productivity. But it isn’t enough to simply attend these digital meetings.

Key individuals who attend eConferences must find a way to accurately record each conference’s discussions. Simply taking notes while listening to each presentation might not only distract the speakers but attendees risk missing key points being discussed.

The best way to truly capture each eConference’s important discussions is through professional transcription services. And, in today’s increasingly globalised world, more and more companies are partnering with language services providers (LSPs) that specialise in multilingual transcription services.

Transcription market size and outlook

The medical industry takes the largest share of transcription services worldwide, followed by the government, legal, media & entertainment, banking, finances, and insurance (BFSI), education, and other sectors.

Although limited data currently exists on the actual global transcription market size, Grand View Research estimates that in the United States alone, the transcription market size is currently valued at USD 20 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 6.1%.

eConferences have now become commonplace across industries, and multilingual transcription services have truly become an essential service. Keynote speakers, for instance, often share invaluable industry insights that companies can capitalise on.

By capturing industry trends, tips and tricks in digital form – and in many languages – companies can share these insights with colleagues, global employees, and multilingual clients who weren’t in attendance, and who would greatly benefit from a well-documented account of the eConference in several languages.

Just by knowing that a professional transcription service will capture the entire eConference discussions and translate them into as many languages as you require will put you at ease, allowing you to fully concentrate on individual speakers, ask and answer questions, and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

But how do companies choose a qualified LSP with expertise in multilingual transcription services? What should they look for? We’re glad you asked.

Transcription services – Quality and accuracy

It goes without saying that quality and accuracy count in almost all scenarios, and this is certainly true when it comes to transcription services. So, be on the lookout for LSPs with high ratings and a stellar reputation.

Will the transcription services be done by a professional linguist, for instance, or will the transcription be machine generated? How many languages are available? Are the transcriptionists professionally trained native speakers? Do the transcriptionists have a background in your specialised industry?

Confidentiality and ISO certification

Transcriptions often contain sensitive or confidential information. In order to protect your content, be on the lookout for LSPs with ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. ISO 9001 remains one of the best guides for developing a quality management system.

Quality management helps companies increase efficiency and strengthen customer satisfaction. ISO 27001 is the security factor that clients look for when shopping for a reliable and trustworthy transcription service. It tells clients that the company has full control of your information security. So, partner with companies that are ISO certified, providing an extra layer of quality assurance.

Customisation and personalisation

Another test of an exceptional transcription service is the company’s ability to offer the finalised transcription files in their customer’s preferred format. Do you require your files in a MP3, MP4, SWF, OGG, or WAV format? And don’t forget about a personalised customer experience.

The transcription services industry is highly competitive and customer experience is often the reason for clients to remain loyal or look for an alternative.

Luckily, Global Lingo checks all the above boxes, offering professional multilingual transcription services in more than 150 languages.

The Global Lingo multilingual transcription solution

Our personable approach

We don’t just say we offer a personalised service, we prove it. Global Lingo assigns a dedicated project manager to each and every transcription project who will act as your single point of contact throughout the project life cycle.

We have a specialised Resourcing Team, an in-house team across offices worldwide, and a vast database of professionally trained, native speaking transcriptionists with backgrounds across numerous industries and sectors.

Simply put, Global Lingo offers multilingual transcription services anywhere, any time, and in any language.

Our commitment to quality and accuracy in transcription

Offering both verbatim and tidied-up transcription services, our transcriptionists are highly trained in understanding context and in following technical proceedings. This allows us to capture the accuracy of the information with superior levels of detail, localised to each client’s unique language needs.

Global Lingo matches the most suitable professional writer for your project based on subject knowledge and content suitability, length, and speaker accents to ensure accurate and detailed transcripts.

Secure and confidential service

Averaging 8,000 hours of meetings and events annually, Global Lingo follows a three-step quality assurance process:

  1. Production of transcription draft
  2. Editing and proofreading (checking the content accuracy, grammar, and more)
  3. A more in-depth round of quality checks focusing on spelling, numeric data, key terminology, formatting, and presentation

Global Lingo is not only ISO 9001 certified, but we also adhere to strict security protocols to keep information safe. All processes are certified to ISO 27001 standards for information security management. Security checks are made to UK Government BPSS standards or local market equivalent standards.

For your added peace of mind, our bespoke business management portal GloZone offers secure processing and storage of sensitive and confidential client data.

Partner with Global Lingo

Industries now generate large volumes of data each and every day, and data accuracy is paramount to your company’s continued success. With a proven track record of high-volume, fast-turnaround successful transcription projects, Global Lingo is honoured to be recognised as one of the most respected transcription companies in the world, specialising in eConference transcription services.

Reach out today to Global Lingo, and partner with a multilingual transcription service you can trust.


1 DeFilippis, Evan, et al. “Collaborating During Coronavirus: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nature of Work.” NBER Working Paper Series, National Bureau of Economic Research, July 2020, www.nber.org/system/files/working_papers/w27612/w27612.pdf.

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