There’s nothing more guaranteed to get on the nerves of the British than Americanisms.

  • Colour has a ‘u’
  • Cheque does not have a ‘ck’ at the end

It’s not just the spellings which infuriate the English. There are an increasing number of American phrases making their way into British English: ‘touch base’, for example.

How furious has this made the British? Well this post, Americanisms: 50 of your most noted examples, on the BBC website (at the time of posting) has 1925 comments! So yes, it’s a subject close to our hearts.

Language evolves – fact

But should the British be too worried about the way the language is changing? To be honest there’s nothing they can do about it. Language has always evolved with the move and flow of populations around the world, and this has been exacerbated in the late 20th century by the explosion of media, most recently the internet.

As a translation and interpreting company we have to be aware of the development of language, not just in English but in all languages around the world. It’s for this reason that we only use in-country linguists who have kept abreast of the developments of their language. Only that way can we ensure that translations are in context and accurate.