Adopting an inclusive approach to the workplace

Adopting an inclusive approach to the workplace can bring a number of benefits to businesses and their employees. In today’s global economy, an increasing number of businesses are encountering potential clients and clients who speak English as a second language. In order to better serve these individuals, it is important for businesses to provide language services that cater to their needs.

One way to do this is to create an inclusive work environment in which employees feel comfortable communicating with one another in their native languages. In addition to improving communication between employees, this can also help to foster a sense of belonging within the workplace. Inclusive workplaces have been shown to boost employee morale and motivation, while also reducing turnover rates.

Our top 5 reasons to adopt an inclusive strategy in your business:

  1. Improves communication.
  2. Creates a sense of belonging among employees.
  3. Boosts employee morale and motivation.
  4. Helps businesses tap into new markets.
  5. Attracts top talent.

Beyond inclusive language

For businesses looking to expand their reach, a cultural, lifestyle and work-life balanced, inclusive workplace can be a powerful tool for attracting diverse employees. Businesses that take an extra step are often seen as more attractive to job seekers, which can give inclusive workplaces a competitive edge when recruiting new talent.

Taking a diverse approach is not only the right thing to do, but it can also bring significant benefits to businesses and their employees. By making a commitment, businesses can reap the rewards of improved communication, employee morale and increased market reach.

Here are 5 practices you can implement to revolutionise your business practices:

  1. Assess your company’s current level of inclusivity and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Train your employees on the importance of inclusivity and diversity.
  3. Implement policies and procedures that support an inclusive workplace.
  4. Encourage employees to use their voice to advocate for change.
  5. Celebrate your employees’ individual differences.

Areas of inclusive practice

In order to adapt your workplace to be more inclusive for everyone, it’s important to start with understanding what areas you can focus on, and how you can take steps to fostering a more progressive environment in your business. From there, you can begin to put policies and practices in place that will help everyone feel comfortable, respected and valued in the workplace.

Inclusive language

When it comes to inclusive language practices in the workplace, it’s important to be aware of the words and phrases you use on a daily basis. Language should be free from bias, prejudice and stereotypes. It’s important to use inclusive language in the workplace to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued. A simple step to take, which is common amongst businesses today, would be to adopt pronouns in email footers. (He/Him; She/Her; They/Them)

Such a policy does not need to be mandatory, though higher-ups within the company adopting this practice sets a leading example. However, utilising this simple method is an easy first step to take to make your employees feel seen and heard. It’s important to have dialogue amongst staff so that you listen to their needs.

You can go one step further with language services by making sure your internal documents, as well as your website and marketing materials, are accessible to people who speak different languages. This approach will better serve your employee needs as well as your clients and clients. 

Inclusive leadership

Great leaders create a work environment where everyone feels respected, valued and heard. It’s important for leaders to be aware of their own personal biases and to take steps to avoid discriminating against employees. Inclusive leaders should also create opportunities for employees to share their ideas and provide feedback.

Inclusive hiring practices

Hiring practices are about more than just filling open positions. They are about making sure that your workplace is reflective of the diverse world we live in. When you take steps to diversify your workforce, you’re not only opening up your business to a wider range of perspectives and experiences, but you’re also making your workplace more accessible to everyone.

Inclusive work environment setup

The way your workplace is set up can make a big difference to how inclusive it feels. In order to optimise your work environment, it’s important to consider things like lighting, noise levels and furniture arrangement. You should also make sure that your workplace is accessible to employees with disabilities. By taking these things into consideration, you can help everyone feel comfortable and respected in the workplace.

Workplace inclusivity summary

Inclusive workplaces are great for both businesses and employees. By taking these steps to adapt to a more progressive work environment, you can improve communication, employee morale and your business’s bottom line. Diverse workplaces lead to a more enthusiastic and innovative workforce, which is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

At Global Lingo, we’re proud to be learning and adapting to a more inclusive working environment. Though we still have many more steps to take, we’re happy to be leading the way by listening to our employees’ needs and taking steps to develop a work environment that is fun, engaging and diverse. We pride ourselves on our approach to building and maintaining a workplace of diverse cultures and lifestyles while supporting employees’ work-life balances. 

Just listen to what our employees had to say with our recent ‘Great Place to Work’ acclamation:

“It’s dynamic, adaptable and a wonderful place to work, that encourages professional development of its employees. There’s a solidarity and support feeling among all members of the staff. Everyone is supported in their efforts, throughout and among all offices around the globe.”

“One can always obtain the answer needed, and check their strategy and approach with team members and management alike.”

“Management is approachable and supportive.”

“Our work gives us a sense of pride, and our efforts and performance are recognised by our clients.” 

By taking these steps in your workplace, you’re not only doing right by your employees, you’re also doing right by your business. We believe inclusive workplaces are the future of business, so start today!

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