This year the World Shakespeare Festival is taking place as a celebration of all things Shakespeare!

In London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre will honour the Bard by showing 37 of his plays in 37 languages.

This illustrates the extent of influence his work still holds on the world nearly 450 years on.

Over 50% of the world’s children study Shakespeare

There are over 64 million children who study Shakespeare, the festival therefore hopes to celebrate how Shakespeare can be relevant the world over, even today, and how his plays can be translated into any language and adapted to any setting.

The plays are not just being performed in widely spoken languages. There are some unusual ones too, including British Sign Language, Maori, Shona and Hip-Hop!

Globe to Globe

Theatre companies will be visiting from all over the globe and I believe the festival will show that some of the themes that flow through his plays, such as love and loss, are ones we all share, no matter where we are from or in what language we enjoy the performance.

‘‘Shakespeare is the language which brings us together better than any other, and which reminds of our infinite difference, and of our strange and humbling commonality.’’

With so much going on it really is an incredibly exciting time to be in the UK and a huge achievement for Shakespeare’s Globe to orchestrate.

600 actors

With 600 actors involved, some are leaving their war-torn countries for the first time. There’s even a performance coming from South Sudan which sent a 20 page letter outlining how much Shakespeare meant to those caught up in the Sudanese civil war, which was the most powerful pitch the organisers had ever received.

From the Taming of the Shrew in Urdu which portrays the difficulties encountered by modern Pakistani women, to Henry VI performed in three different languages and set in the Balkans, it will be a unique experience which highlights the influence of Shakespeare and his words on us all, in any language.

The one question that lingers is whether the Bard in any other tongue will sound so sweet?

We’ve provided you with the complete list of Shakespeare’s plays being performed:

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