Transcription Services for Today’s Business World

Did you know that there are now over four billion internet users worldwide, 10.5 million videos on Facebook alone, and over two million podcasts (with more than 48 million episodes)? That all amounts to one heck of a lot of data. How are companies managing this data? How are they ensuring it is accurately shared with their global audience? And for some highly regulated industries like the world of finance, how are companies maintaining data security? The answer lies in three words — professional transcription services

As a written record of audio and video files, transcriptions are ideal for all of your video publications, podcasts, and online meetings. Although this service has been around forever, transcriptions are as relevant today as ever before. In fact, when we consider the enormous amount of online data the world consumes, some might even argue that transcriptions are even more relevant in today’s business world.

The Benefits of Transcription for the Financial Industry

  • Annual Shareholder Meetings
  • Financial and Sales Reports
  • Business Surveys
  • Investor Updates
  • Market Research
  • Podcasts (accessible to those who cannot hear, no direct access to internet or those who prefer to read) – connect with a larger audience. Can be consumed anywhere. Blogs, emails, infographics, etc.., SEO – search engines cannot index audio files but can index audio transcripts of podcast episodes in text format.
  • Minimize expense, maximize revenue; use audio and voice recorders then send to transcription companies who will ensure quality and accurate transcriptions without compromising on preferred formats. 

Command of language and grammar, vocab, listening, fast and accurate typing skills.

Whether a video or audio transcription, our globalized world means languages are crossing cultural boundaries all the time

Human transcriptions. Post-production (working with a media file, humans can infer the meaning of garbled speech; cost, availability, consistency. 

Global Lingo – Single-stage transcription 

Translating any audio or video content directly into another language in the written form. An example could be a 60-minute French film transcribed directly into English in one step, versus the traditional two steps (French transcription first, followed by French-to-English written translation – more time and budget)

We use native speakers, monolingual editing of the target language, and then bilingual editing of the target language against the source audio or video file. Ensuring that the transcription and translation are as accurate as possible and natural as possible.

We have skilled linguists specifically suited to direct audio transcription and ensure a high accuracy level; Our many years in the translation industry and access to a large network of linguists allow us to provide top-notch single-stage transcription services, no matter the format, industry, or language. – webinars, conference recordings, meeting recordings, memos for internal use, marketing videos, instructional videos, documentaries, television programs, radio programs, and more. We cater for any language combinations; cost savings, and flexible TATs – key factors when choosing this approach. We are a global supplier!

Global Lingo is one of the most respected transcription companies across the globe. We provide both verbatim and tidied-up transcription services, as well as specialist minute-taking services, and are unrivalled in our ability to produce high-quality transcripts in any language and any timeframe.

Our skilled writers and transcriptionists, who cover over 150 languages, are highly trained in understanding context and following technical proceedings. This ensures we always capture the accuracy of the information and a superior level of detail, localised to our clients’ specific language needs. With excellent research skills, we strive to always deliver high-quality content, consistently presented according to your internal templates.

We are proven specialists in the transcription of content in multiple languages, delivering confidential and secure transcription services of over 8,000 hours of meetings and events annually. 

This includes:

  • employee relations meetings
  • financial results
  • investor, media, and analyst presentations
  • internal company communications
  • industry days
  • webcasts
  • videos
  • high-level speeches

Our global transcription services are available across numerous industries and sectors, including (though not limited to): technology; automotive; financial; legal; leisure and tourism; manufacturing and engineering; medical and pharmaceutical; retail and e-Commerce; and telecommunications. With offices worldwide, we offer a global 24/7 transcription writing service to accommodate different time zones.

For many employers, particularly those working for bigger businesses, the preference is to record hearings verbatim to ensure there is no room for inaccuracy. At Global Lingo our verbatim transcripts capture every utterance exactly as spoken, down to the last word.

“These transcripts preserve the purity of intent behind a speaker’s statements for those occasions where every detail is of critical importance. The words are written exactly as spoken, with the only omissions being ‘mm’s, ah’s, and ‘mm-hmm’s,” explains one of our Editors.

Head of Employee Relations for a leading markets operator added, “If you have a verbatim transcript, it really is a foolproof method. The employee recognises the transparency of the process. It’s very objective and moves it all through a lot quicker.”

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Minute Taking

Global Lingo is the leading provider of high-quality, expert minute taking and transcription services at an international scale. Taking minutes in meetings, whatever the sector, can be a complex process dependent on pre-planning, acute concentration and a masterly writing technique.

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Language barriers can be problematic, especially in an international organisation with offices across the globe. For these situations, we can provide different interpreting services – for instance, simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting – to overcome this linguistic barrier.

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