Voice-Over Service overview

Global Lingo is the leading provider of high-quality, professional voice over and subtitling services. Many people question: What is a voice over and why is it so beneficial to video content? The extreme importance of implementing a professional voice over artist (somebody who narrates video content) in visual media cannot be understated. Voice overs, when carried out effectively, can instil a diverse range of emotions in an audience. A software-generated voice over, which is inherently robotic and sleep-inducing by nature, fails to inspire the wow factor and generate user engagement as a result. Voice over artists shape and lead the narrative of a brand, bringing punch and personality to the message of any business from start to finish. Professional voice over services infuse life into video content and provide information to the user in an interactive and provocative way.

A high-quality marketing video that includes an explainer distinguishes professional video content from amateur video content. Voice over scripts give authority and credibility to a product, enticing potential customers to invest.

We understand that professional voice over and subtitling services require a highly specific set of skills, equipment and software expertise. This is why our team is made up of an exceptionally talented pool of artists and engineers who can bring a wide range of vocal styles and creative expertise to voice over scripts.

How will subtitling add value?

Subtitling for videos has a tremendous impact on how well the content is received by users. This is true for any form of video – from social media videos, to Hollywood films, to training content. Subtitling is a successful form of marketing for a number of different reasons. Millions of people worldwide are deaf or hard of hearing, excluding a vast range of individuals from engaging with and enjoying content that is not subtitled. This naturally decreases user engagement for companies that do not invest in subtitling services. Many people watch video content on mute due to certain circumstances. Whether they are in a quiet environment and do not want to cause a disturbance, or are playing music that they don’t want to pause, video audio may not be a priority to your audience. This is where subtitles become an invaluable part of the user journey – they are efficient and accessible. They can be implemented in multiple languages, attracting engagement globally, and improve comprehension by communicating a brand message through the art of words.

Service features

We offer a vast range of benefits to ensure that your voice over and subtitles are professionally edited and correctly synced, inspiring users to invest in the message you are sharing. These include:

  • Our professional studio partners ensure end-to-end process management with high quality recording and post-editing. This provides clear audio output and a polished, accurate finish in relation to both timing and syncing.
  • Our team has the ability to work directly with all video, audio and animation software, including After Effects and Adobe Premiere. As a result of this, clients receive content which is immediately ready to use.
  • Our experts can perform a wide range of voice styles, including gender, tone, style, age, accent, to cater to complex character scenarios. Many artists also have a larger repertoire of voices, which can cut down on costs significantly.
  • We use experienced subtitling and closed caption engineers to ensure challenges (speed of on-screen text, text expansion and font size) are mitigated, avoiding delays.

Global Lingo’s Approach

For voice over, Global Lingo provide a high quality of recording and post-production. The primary features include:

  • A wide selection of voice over artists for characterisation and role-playing (gender, accents, age, and character). By default, Global Lingo will provide three voice samples per language based on client guidelines.
  • Global Lingo will work directly with the editable video and animation files within programs like Adobe Premiere and After Effects, delivering fully edited, ready-to-use content.
  • Studio quality is achieved consistently across all languages.


We provide subtitling with many different options:

  • SRT or VTT file format – these options will allow subtitles to be turned on or off when video content is played. SRT files are most commonly used when playing videos in standard players, while VTT is more commonly used with video content or animations created in conjunction with HTML5.
  • Embedded – subtitles will be embedded or ‘burnt’ onto the video itself, so subtitles are shown whenever the video is played back.
  • Our extensive experience with subtitling means we can pre-empt and resolve the challenges associated with text expansion, subtitles running off screen, dialogue speed, caption speed, and more.



To see how we can help you deliver professional and high-quality voice over and subtitling projects, visit our case study section.

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