The global business world is full of uncertainty, particularly at this very moment as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) causes logistical disorder around business meetings & travel. While the continuity of world trade and exchange is under its greatest pressure for a generation, advances in technology mean that there has never been as much potential for easy communication between countries and cultures, if you have the right language & technology partner. Here’s how Global Lingo can help you weather the storm of the Coronavirus threat, to ensure business continuity whilst protecting your staff.

Remote Language Support

When you’re looking to reschedule events remotely, your trusted remote language services partner can be your best friend. They will make sure you’re always only moments away from being able to deploy their services and deliver the solutions you or your clients need. You need to be sure that your chosen partner not only has extremely strong offerings in language services, covering everything from remote interpreting, transcription and live-captioning, but also the proven experience in delivering these services in fast-paced environments and under changing conditions. Global Lingo is that partner.

If your event is cancelled or moved to a remote dial-in, Global Lingo can provide the tools to facilitate remote interpreting or live-captioning for on-screen language support in real-time. Business meetings can be held remotely more easily and transcripts can be produced from recordings, ensuring business continuity whilst helping prevent wider spread of the virus through close personal contact.

Your team on the ground

You can see that we offer a wide and varied range of services in more than 150 languages, but a truly great language services partner needs to be able to back up their skills with excellent customer service and account management. They need to feel like an extension of your team wherever you need them. That’s why we have extensive expertise in project management, which we can deploy at a moment’s notice to get you what you need, whether that’s remote translation services in reaction to a specific event or a regular service to help maintain an ongoing business relationship. Regardless of your needs, we’re here to make sure your business keeps running smoothly wherever you need to work, and whatever happens in the world.

Tailored for you

Thanks to our secure online portal GloZone, you can access your account and our services whenever you need them, and you can schedule projects in the knowledge they will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standards. There are also no issues with scalability: we’re on hand to help with last-minute projects with a tight turnaround or challenging requirements.

Get in touch today for expert assistance with any language services project, when you need it most.

transcription services

Minute Taking

Global Lingo is the leading provider of high-quality, expert minute taking and transcription services at an international scale. Taking minutes in meetings, whatever the sector, can be a complex process dependent on pre-planning, acute concentration and a masterly writing technique.

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transcription services


Language barriers can be problematic, especially in an international organisation with offices across the globe. For these situations, we can provide different interpreting services – for instance, simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting – to overcome this linguistic barrier.

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