Service overview

Professional voice-over (VO) services can help infuse life into any given content and provide auditive information that allows the end user to be on the move while acquiring new information.

Subtitling improves understanding for any visual media by adding synchronized captions to supplement auditory and visual information with a textual transcription of the content, thus ensuring that the end user understands every word.

Producing high-quality, professionally edited and correctly synced VO and subtitling requires highly specific skillsets, equipment and software expertise. All of this is available to the talented artists and engineers in our team, thus making us the best option for high-quality, cost-effective VO and subtitling solutions.

Service features and benefits

  • Professional studio partners ensure end-to-end process management with high quality recording and post-editing. This provides clear audio output and polished/accurate finish in terms of timing and syncing.
  • Ability to work directly with all video, audio and animation software such as After Effects and Premiere. This means clients receive content which is final and ready to use.
  • Wide range of voice styles, including gender, tone/style, age and what the person sounds like, to cater for role-playing and complex character scenarios. Many artists also have a larger repertoire of voices, which can cut down on costs.
  • Experienced subtitling and closed caption engineers used to ensure challenges (speed of onscreen text, text expansion and font size etc.) are mitigated, avoiding delays.


For voice-over, Global Lingo can provide a very high professional quality of recording and post-production. The primary features include:

  • Wide selection of voice artists for characterization/role-playing (gender, accents, age, character etc.). By default, Global Lingo will provide three voice samples per language, based on client guidelines.
  • Global Lingo will work directly with the editable video and animation files within programs like Adobe Premiere or After Effects, and will deliver fully edited and final content, ready to use.
  • Studio quality is achieved consistently across all languages.

We can provide subtitling with different options:

  • SRT or VTT file format – these options will allow subtitles to be turned on or off when video content is played. SRT files are most commonly used when playing videos in standard players, while VTT is more commonly used with video content or animations created in conjunction with HTML5.
  • Embedded – subtitles will be embedded or ‘burnt’ onto the video itself, so subtitles are shown whenever video is played back.

Our extensive experience with subtitling means we can effectively pre-empt and solve the challenges associated with text expansion and subtitles running off screen or covering too much screen; dialogue speed and how to resolve the issue of captions passing too quickly; and what font choices will work best to declutter the screen and ensure text is easily readable.

To see how we can help you deliver professional and high-quality voice-over and subtitling projects, visit our case study section.

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