Service overview

Also known as creative translation, transcreation takes translation a step further and focuses on evoking the same emotions in the target language. Subtle nuances of meaning are usually lost through translation, and creative copy can become too literal in the target language.

In creative translation a more natural output is achieved by changing text to better appeal to the target audience or adjust to their cultural differences. Idioms used in the source language are changed to use natural idioms in the target language, which convey the same meaning and effect.

Transcreation services can be an extremely powerful tool for marketing and advertising, as they ensure that the message reaches the target audience to a deeper degree than a regular translation would.

Service features and benefits

  • Extensive pool of linguists covering over 150 languages and any language combination, with very different backgrounds and subject expertise. All are experienced with creative copy creation, ensuring nuances of meaning are not lost.
  • We only use native speakers who are subject matter experts and experienced. Every linguist is vetted and tested to ensure they have the expertise to handle particularly creative copy.
  • For very creative items (e.g. humorous ads), different transcreated options can be provided with English back-translations for the client to select the most suitable option based on word use.


In Transcreation, a linguist focuses on conveying the same information whilst also evoking the same feelings of the source language. Therefore, it is a more creative process than regular translation and less constrained by the source language.

Our linguists are also very adept at altering their style and following a creative brief. With glossaries and style guides capturing preferences of our clients, we can ensure the correct tone is used consistently.

In many cases, other non-linguistic steps may be required after translation. For marketing campaigns, not only the text may be edited but the images or the videos might also be replaced, either to better appeal to the target audience or to take certain cultural differences into consideration.

The transcreation process is managed end-to-end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal, which centralizes all operations, regardless of time zone and location.

Visit our case study section to view examples of our Transcreation work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business. Global Lingo can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your transcreation requirements.

Global Lingo can offer bespoke solutions to accommodate your transcreation requirements. Contact us for a free consultation and further information or request a quote via the button below.

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