Service overview

Single-stage transcription is the process of translating any audio or video content directly into another language in the written form.

For example, a 60-minute French film would be transcribed directly into English in one step, versus the traditional two steps (French transcription, followed by French-to-English written translation), which typically requires more time and budget.

By using native speakers, monolingual editing of the target language can be used, followed by a stage of bilingual editing of the target language against the source audio or video file. This ensures that the translation is as accurate as possible whilst sounding as natural as possible.

Service features and benefits

  • Skilled linguists who are specifically suited to direct audio transcription and translation, ensure a high accuracy level
  • Single-stage transcription is employed for internal documentation used for reference and information purposes
  • When providing a draft transcript, combining the transcription and translation processes can be cost-effective and save time
  • Non-sensitive materials are also frequently transcribed with this single-stage approach


We offer a flexible service with single-stage transcription and can cater for any language combinations. Cost savings and flexible turnaround times are also key factors when choosing this transcription and translation approach.

Visit our case study section to view examples of our transcription work and discover the advantages a global supplier can bring to your business.

If you feel a traditional transcription and translation approach would be more useful or you wish to understand the difference between single-stage transcription and transcription and translation in a regular setting better, please visit our transcription services page or contact us for a free consultation and further information, or request a quote via the button below.

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