I thought I’d briefly enlighten those who may read this blog about one of our more original service offerings – minute taking.

Minutes are defined in Wikipedia as “the instant written record of a meeting or a hearing”. This is not entirely correct.

Minutes do not have to be instantaneous. Sometimes the person holding or chairing the meeting may not need them back for a week or so. Any longer than this though and people may forget what was said in the meeting.

At Global Lingo we have pioneered a minute taking service to suit all our clients needs. To begin with we work with the client to ascertain the length and style of document they require, i.e. 2 pages per minute, written in the 3rd person. We then offer them a selection of turnaround times for the document, i.e. 4 days, 2 days, 24 hours or even within 3 hours of the end the meeting (as requested by 10 Downing Street for all minutes documents produced by Global Lingo). Sometimes the client requires that we send a writer to an event to record the minutes, and sometimes they like to send us the audio from the meeting so that our writers can produce the minutes from the comfort of our own office.

The kinds of meetings that our clients require minutes from are grievance and disciplinary hearings, collective and public consultations, European Works Councils, board meetings and conferences. They rely on Global Lingo to produce a document of the highest quality that they can later use as a reliable yet succinct record of the meeting. We count amongst our larger minutes clients: HSBC, 10 Downing Street, BP, BNP Paribas and Reed Elsevier.

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