GloZone Technology Overview

GloZone is our web-based customer platform allowing you to monitor and track all of your language requirements. It helps centralize teams based in different locations and streamlines processes across your entire organisation. You can request and approve quotes, track live projects, and securely upload and download project files, all with secure internet-banking-level encryption.

Information submitted is accessible from anywhere in the world for you, your team and our team working on your project.

Service features and benefits

  • Password protected and secure access with customizable permission levels
  • 24/7 access via a standard web browser
  • Reporting tools for generating instant reports on orders, spend, invoices, word counts, and much more
  • Fully customizable workflows to cater for complex assignments (e.g. multiple QA stages or sign-off stages)
  • Data transfer and file upload/download is encrypted to internet-banking-level standards
  • Real-time status on live projects, as well as access to previously completed projects
  • Access to linguistic assets such as translation memories and glossaries
  • Web-based translation review tool to allow your internal reviewers access for approval before going live
  • API integration with CMS, DM and PIM systems and other data applications


GloZone is designed to automate workflows and improve the efficiency of managing language projects, while at the same time providing greater visibility on progress and activity.

The customer platform is accessible for all individuals involved in the localization process of your project and real-time communication is facilitated easily via the tool, enabling you to maintain control over your project from start to finish.

Once logged in via any web browser, you gain complete control over your language project workflows, giving you a 360-degree overview of every current and completed project submitted by your business, even if it wasn’t originally submitted via GloZone.

To see how GloZone can help you centralize and streamline your translation and language service requirements, visit our case study section to view how other organizations are benefiting from the use of GloZone.

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