Technology Overview

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) tools have advanced greatly in recent years, offering a more cost-effective transcription option versus the traditional human transcription model. While quality still does not fully match up to a human writer and editor workflow, AI is now advancing to the stage where ASR combined with human post-editing is producing very accurate scripts.

Global Lingo utilizes ASR technology which, combined with post-editing by a native human writer, creates around 95% accuracy on audio and video transcripts, at a much-reduced price point.

Our ASR tool transcribes in real time, followed by specialist post-editing to adjust and correct errors, tidy up and bespoke format the finished document. This ensures that a high-quality transcript can be delivered swiftly. We offer 24-hour and 48-hour turnaround options for our clients but can discuss more flexible options upon request.

It is worth noting that ASR technology does not yet accurately transcribe poor-quality audio or strongly accented speech. Any content submitted to us for transcription is reviewed by our in-house team to determine the most efficient approach for your project.

Service features and benefits

  • Consistently high quality produced through a two-step process of ASR + post-editing
  • Faster turnaround times through fast draft transcription, followed by a human editing stage
  • More competitive pricing through reduction in time and manual effort required
  • Flexible solutions based on individual requirements


We have a dedicated ASR platform integrated into our business management system and clients can upload files directly via our customer platform GloZone, using their unique credentials. The file will then pass into our ASR platform to produce an instantaneous ‘raw’ transcript. This draft transcript is based on acoustic and language modelling.

Global Lingo does not compromise on quality and every draft transcript is post-edited by a dedicated team, tailored to specific templates, styles and formatting for each client.

ASR post-editing differs from standard editing in that it requires a greater level of intervention to achieve a text that is presented in a stylistically appropriate way, attributing speakers and using templates, headings and formatting correctly to suit a client’s requirements so it can be used for internal and external purposes.

Our dedicated team of post-editors are already highly skilled transcribers and editors, and each have been trained individually on the specific requirements of post-editing by our in-house Quality Manager. Each transcript is reviewed and thoroughly checked by a dedicated Project Manager prior to delivery. We operate ongoing quality assurance monitoring of our ASR platform, as well as our pool of post-editors.

To see how ASR can help you streamline your teams and save time and costs, visit our case study section.

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