Service overview

Global Lingo is one of the most respected transcription companies across the globe. We provide both verbatim and tidied-up transcripts, as well as specialist minute-taking services, and are unrivaled in our ability to produce high-quality transcripts on any turnaround and in any language. Our skilled writers are highly trained in understanding context and following technical proceedings. This ensures accuracy of information and a superior level of detail captured. With excellent research skills, we strive to always deliver high-quality content, consistently presented according to your internal templates. Our focus on understanding each client’s requirements and delivering high-quality content is what elevates us above competitor offerings.

We are proven specialists in the transcription of meeting content in multiple languages, delivering confidential and secure transcription services of over 8,000 hours of meetings and events annually, including employee relations meetings; financial results; investor, media and analyst presentations; internal company communications; industry days; webcasts; videos; and high-level speeches.

Service features and benefits

  • Use of professional writers (not just touch typists), assigned based on specialist subject knowledge and suitability to the content, length and speaker accents, ensuring accurate and detailed transcripts are produced.
  • ISO 9001 certified 3-stage quality assurance process:
    • Draft transcript is produced
    • 2nd professional writer edits and proofreads transcript, checking accuracy of content, grammar, and more.
    • Further round of quality checks (spelling, numeric data, key terminology, correct spelling of names/attendees, formatting and presentation)
  • Transcript options include verbatim, typically used for compliance and legal processes, and ‘tidied-up’ options for presentation of financial results, investor/board meetings etc.
  • Fully tailored template; all transcripts will be formatted and presented consistently, ensuring transcripts are always presented exactly the same way. A tailored template will be created at the start of a relationship for approval, or Global Lingo can work with any existing templates already available.
  • Security
    • All processes are certified to ISO 27001 for information security management
    • Security checks to UK Government BPSS standards or local market equivalent standard.
    • Secure processing and storage of sensitive and confidential client data using GloZone
  • Extensive resources for high-volume or fast-turnaround transcriptions, supported by our Linguist Management Team, whose sole responsibility is to ensure Global Lingo always has sufficient levels of vetted and tested linguistic resources available.


We ensure a dedicated Project Manager is assigned to every client and transcription project, acting as a single point of contact throughout the project lifecycle. Transcribers are selected based on specialism, skill and turnaround time. This ensures accurate transcripts can be produced from audio, video and live meetings, attributing speakers correctly and using the correct terminology.

The quality assurance process is split into three stages. Once the transcription has been carried out by a first linguist writer, a second linguist editor is assigned to conduct full editing against audio / video files. This includes conducting research, style, grammar and punctuation, document formatting in template and adherence to style guide.

A final quality check and proofread is conducted by the dedicated Project Manager prior to delivery, with any feedback received contributing to the ongoing customer satisfaction.

Our experienced in-house team based in our offices worldwide, together with our vast database of professional writers, enables us to produce the highest-quality transcriptions 24 hours a day across the globe.

The transcription process is managed end-to-end through GloZone, our dedicated client portal.

If you feel meeting minutes would be more useful or you wish to understand the difference between a transcript and meeting minutes, please visit our minute-taking services page.

Visit our INSEAD, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered & case studies to view examples of our Transcription work and discover the advantages a global supplier with years of expertise can bring to your business.

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