Medical, pharmaceutical & life sciences industry overview

Global Lingo offers a wide array of life sciences language support.

Medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are mostly involved in the prevention and treatment of diseases and illnesses in living organisms, be it discovering, developing, producing and/or marketing drugs or medical devices to help improve patient outcomes.

Several other life sciences, such as speciality chemicals (adhesives, elastomers, lubricants, polymers, surfactants and many others) also fall within this bracket. Many other industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, food, cosmetics, agriculture, manufacturing and textiles are highly dependent on such products.

These industries are highly regulated, as they generally relate to the treatment and care of human beings, therefore accuracy of translations is paramount and quality of the utmost importance. Errors in translation could ultimately lead to life-and-death situations or create environmental issues.

Global Lingo strives to create a strong partnership with clients in these industries, ensuring any regulatory expectations are met, business goals achieved, and patient safety protected.

Relevant services and benefits

The main services we provide to these industries include:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical translation and localization (Translation, editing and proofreading)
  • Desktop Publishing/Typesetting – providing ready-to-publish translated files
  • Linguistic sign-off (LSO) – proofing of all translated content in-context
  • Management of in-country SME review steps – obtaining feedback from client teams directly before finalizing and sharing final translations
  • Transcription for medical interviews, focus groups and in-depth interviews, as well as grievances and disciplinary meetings etc.
  • Note-taking/Minute-taking
  • Medical interpretation services face-to-face or offered remotely, for medical conferences, seminars, online webcasts and webinars etc.
  • GloZone, our dedicated Business Management System, allows for projects to be tracked from beginning to end and offers a variety of reports. The platform is integrated with our Translation Management System using Translation Memory and CAT tools to provide consistency, as well as time and cost savings.
  • API feeds allow us to connect to client CMS for streamlined content export and re-import post website translation (XML, XLIFF and HTML formats etc.)
  • Remote interpreting technologies (via Interprefy) where onsite services cannot be provided, or third parties cannot be physically present.
  • E-Learning course localization – voice-over and subtitling


We only assign work to tested native speakers in-country. They are subject matter expert linguists who have studied medicine or a relevant subject and are aware of the correct terminology to be used.

We also divide further by key specialisms and therapeutic areas (oncology, neurology, radiology, ophthalmology etc.), matching source content with the most appropriately qualified and experienced linguists.

Contracts, NDAs, informed consent forms, adverse events, medical information and product quality complaint documentation are processed consistently with product labeling and regulatory guidelines. As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we take great care when it comes to information security and the integrity of our clients’ data is paramount.

Pharmaceutical translation of brochures, marketing collateral, patient recruitment materials, corporate and global aesthetic company websites and portals, software and hardware and market research questionnaires all fall within our remit, and we can bespoke tailor our services to your needs.

To see how we can help you with your requirements around medical interpretation and translation, pharmaceutical translation and localization or general life sciences language support, visit our IPSOS and UICC case studies to view how other organizations are already profiting from our flexible and efficient global approach.

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