Why you need subtitling services at your eConference

It’s been an eventful few years, and the way in which we communicate has changed drastically within that time. eConference apps have grown exponentially due to these unexpected global changes. In many ways, this new reliance on eConference calls has presented companies with a fast and easy way of maintaining the status quo of everyday business. 

It’s reassuring to know that several of the world’s most powerful industries have embraced the eConference method. In fact, many seem to have found these changes to be convenient and may never go back to the more traditional route. However, with this new opportunity comes new obstacles to overcome. 

For instance, with the advancements all around us comes the need for new ways to keep a multilingual team on the same page. By taking advantage of subtitling services, you’re taking the conference captioning of a meeting and translate it into a more inclusive, cohesive and productive meeting experience. 

For any business to prosper, there needs to be clear communication where nothing gets lost in translation. To ensure that your company is making the most of these exciting new advancements, here are some reasons why you need subtitling services at your next eConference

What is conference captioning?

If you’re hosting an eConference that requires people to understand information quickly and effectively, then you may need to implement conference captioning.

Conference captioning allows all of your attendees to gain a clear understanding of what’s being said during your conference. It takes the source language of a meeting and provides a text of that same language on screen.

With conference captioning, everyone is on the same page. There’s no room for misunderstandings and the momentum of an important project can be maintained.

How do subtitling services work?

Conference captions can be translated into other languages in order to streamline communications between nationalities and timezones. How? Through the use of professional subtitling services. 

Subtitling services are convenient, as well as good for communication purposes. No two subtitling projects are the same. Therefore, the goal of any reputable subtitle company should be to understand and meet your specific needs. 

In general, all you need to do as a business is send over an audio and video feed link to your chosen subtitle company, and they’ll do the rest. The best subtitling companies are able to do this seamlessly, in real-time if needed, in order for everyone in attendance to be on the same page. 

Why do I need subtitling services at an eConference?

Whether you’re taking a business meeting from the other side of the world or giving briefs to your global marketing team, a business that communicates worldwide needs to do so with absolute clarity.  

Here are just five of the many benefits of embracing video subtitling.

1. Subtitling services keep your concentration 

Subtitling services help to keep everyone in attendance attentive. Throughout all channels of entertainment, subtitles have now become commonplace, regardless of whether people are hearing impaired. 

Why? Because adding them provides greater depth and helps us to retain information. If you’re presenting or discussing complex information for a long period of time, having video subtitling can be the difference between a captivated audience and a confused one. 

2. A deeper comprehension of the key points

Even if you’re currently finding no issues when it comes to eConference calls and language barriers, the outcomes may not be what you wanted. In a multilingual conference call, what you say and what people hear aren’t always necessarily the same things. 

Unfamiliar accents and talking speeds make even the simplest of sentences difficult for non-native speakers to fully understand. With video subtitling services, you remove all of these obstacles in one simple solution. 

3. It eliminates sound interference

In the modern world, there’s no such thing as a traditional meeting place. Businesses need to be agile, flexible, and ready to react at a moment’s notice. Sometimes an unexpected conference is required, and wherever you are in the world, you’ll have to be logged in, and able to understand what’s being said.

Everyone suffers from poor connectivity now and then, or even exterior noises that can halt a productive meeting. With video subtitles, nothing can prevent information from getting where it needs to be, no matter what the world around you is doing. 

4. Using subtitling services means that you’re thinking globally

Any business that labels itself as a global enterprise can’t be taken seriously without considering a multilingual service. After all, is a company that only dedicates a small percentage of its efforts to regions outside of their home country really a global business? 

In terms of perception, both internally and externally, multilingual subtitles show the world that you’re an enterprise with an appreciation and understanding of the world around you. 

5. A unified message that everyone can understand 

It doesn’t matter what the nature of your eConference call is, the fact remains that one clear message throughout a meeting is more powerful than a hundred different meetings spread out over different teams and timezones. 

Your business plans and tasks should all be unified with a concise objective that everyone is aware of. So, make the most of conference captions by translating them into subtitles to ensure that your teams feel appreciated, understood, and unified by one clear goal. 

Less risk and more time

There’s no room for crossed wires and misunderstandings in business. By translating your eConference, you’re eliminating these risks.  You’re also making the most of your time by not having to reiterate and elaborate on what’s already been said. But most important of all, you’re also keeping everyone on the same page. 

The less time your business spends repeating itself across multiple languages and departments, the more time you have to plan your next steps. 

Types of subtitling services

Finding the best type of subtitling service for your eConference depends on the kind of interaction you’re anticipating. For example, are you expecting a lot of discussions to take place, or is the call very time-sensitive and straightforward? 

The best subtitling companies are able to fulfil any requirements you have. But in general, to give you a better idea of your standard options, here are some of the types of subtitling services you can choose from: 

Live video conference captioning

Live video conference captioning is best for when every person who needs the information is online and part of the conference itself. If everyone necessary is in attendance, your designated translator can send real-time translations directly to the video conference. 

Live video conference captioning is fast, immediate and effective. 

Transcription services

If your eConference will later be distributed throughout your company, or to clients, then you may need to use a single-stage transcription service instead. In this instance, your translation professional would listen to the meeting audio and translate them effectively into all of the necessary languages. 

While a transcription service is less immediate than a real-time translation, it gives your business the opportunity to communicate with stakeholders and other important people who may not have been in attendance. 

Global Lingo’s subtitling services

At Global Lingo, we understand the necessity for clear and concise communication worldwide. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on. Whether your next eConference needs minute-taking, post-recording transcriptions, or real-time translations, we are here to help.

Just like languages, we know that no two businesses are the same. We take the time to understand your goals and objectives and apply them to your eConference translations. 

Why choose Global Lingo?

With over 6,000 linguistics specialists at our disposal, we provide professional, fast, and high-quality translation services for over 150 different languages. 

We have partnered with organisations around the world to deliver efficient and impactful translations. That’s the Global Lingo difference. 

Are you looking for a professional translation service to make your eConferences accurate, on point, and culturally relevant? Contact us today and find out more. 

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