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Kineo explains how Global Lingo has elevated their business

 “Global Lingo has given us the most important benefit there is in translation services; trust.”

Kineo Interview

 Hi Marine. Tell us about your company and what you do.

Kineo is an e-learning provider dedicated to designing the best workplace learning experience possible. By shaking up conventional learning methods, we offer people an exciting learner journey that’s inspiring instead of dull and boring!

Our head office is in Brighton, but we also have branches in Sheffield, Chicago, South Africa and several offices in the Asia-Pacific. We were formed in the early 2000s, and in 2012 we were acquired by City and Guilds group. 

Throughout our growth over the years, we pride ourselves on never losing sight of creating engaging and innovative learning methods for a wide range of companies.

Which Global Lingo service did you use?

It’s the translation and language expertise that we use them for. Due to the global nature of our service, we require extensive translations from a company that understands the ramifications of a missed word, or the importance of cultural sensitivity considerations in translating content.

Before you discovered Global Lingo, what issues were you facing?

There was a point where we used several different translation companies at once. While it was a taxing and time-consuming way of doing business, it was necessary. We found each translation service had one or two of the key qualities that were essential to our needs, but never all of them in one place.

Now we only use Global Lingo. From day one they understood our specific needs, and provided a much better standard of service. Not only has this made our translation work more streamlined and convenient, but it has also developed into a very strong and trusted business relationship.

What results have you seen since you’ve started using Global Lingo?

Consistency. Some of our clients require many translations on very large projects, and the tools that Global Lingo use means that the translations can maintain the same tone of voice throughout. 

This consistency has led to customer satisfaction because there’s very little changes or negative feedback when using one trusted translation service. It allows us to not worry about what to expect in delivery, as we already know it’s going to meet the standards of our business and our clients. 

What do you like most about Global Lingo and its services?

They’re fast, but that quickness never comes at the expense of quality. I’m appreciative of their speed when it comes to replies and answers to queries, too. Sometimes a quick and friendly response during a stressful situation or a tight deadline can make all the difference. 

As a global business, clarification is very important to us, and it’s comforting to know that I can ask questions through the client app or just jump onto a call to clarify an issue. It makes us feel supported every step of the way, particularly when a project manager in another country needs to better understand something. 

Would you recommend this service to other businesses?

Absolutely. Without a doubt. It’s rare to find a service that can cater to every need in such a fast and comprehensive way. As the relationship between us has developed, it’s begun to feel less like a client/business dynamic and more like they’re an extension of our e-learning team. 

What benefits have you personally seen since using Global Lingo?

My background is in translation, and as someone who has worked in several translation agencies, I know the issues a poorly handled project can cause a business. Discovering Global Lingo has given us the most important benefit there is in translation services; trust. 

The quality of work was always stellar, but over time, that quality has only gotten better with each project. It’s refreshing to have clients so satisfied with a service that the feedback is minimal. Having a dedicated team of professionals in the background has certainly helped to free up our time. We know the project is in good hands. Our clients know it, too. 

As an e-learning experience provider, how important are accurate translations for Kineo?

It’s vital. Because language is so subjective, something that resonates with one audience could be completely irrelevant to another one on the other side of the world. That’s why it’s essential that all of our translations are not only accurate and representative of what was said, but that it also works in different languages. 

Of course, with e-learning, the challenge is to remain engaging and informative in all languages, but Global Lingo has taken a lot of that pressure away.  

Have they gone out of their way to help you in terms of cultural differences in translation?

Absolutely. We need to be sensitive to other cultures and countries with every last word of translation. Many countries actually prefer to have audio narration, while others want a textbook translation of exactly what was said. 

What works in one country may be completely irrelevant in another. A prickly topic can be difficult to handle, and that’s where we really appreciate Global Lingo’s approach of ironing out these issues at the very beginning. 

There have been many times where we’ve had calls with Global Lingo and they’ve given us insights or expertise on the best way to handle issues like this for the mutual benefit of everyone. 

Working with the team at Kineo is an absolute pleasure for all of us at Global Lingo and we really value the partnership that we have developed. It’s a very open and transparent relationship, essentially based on mutual trust which is what makes it so successful. We feel like we’re an extension to their own team, there’s an understanding of each other’s challenges and we always work together to overcome those.” – Giulia Donelli, Global Lingo

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