How to find the right online video translator

Today’s increasingly global audiences require localised content produced in their native language — and video content is no different. Just as all other forms of content require expert translation services to be globally accessible, so too does video content require expert professional video translators. But how can you be sure you’ll find the right online video translator?

Did you know that video content can increase website conversion by up to 86%? How about the fact that 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every single day? When you consider these numbers, it is not surprising that most businesses are considering — if not already publishing — their own video production strategies. At Global Lingo, we’re here to help you find the right video translator for your corporate video content.

What do you require for your online video translation?

The first step in translating your video content is to establish what you need from your video translator. Begin by asking yourself a few questions such as:

  • What language(s) do I need my video(s) translated into and from?
  • What form do I want the translation to take? (i.e. subtitles or voice over?)
  • What is the purpose of the translation? (i.e. marketing, sales, informative, emotive?)

What languages do I need my videos translated into and from?

This is the first step in finding an online video translator because it helps you to define the scope of your video translation project and find a video translator who — first and foremost — can provide translation services in the language(s) you require.

If you need to translate video from Spanish to English, for example, you’ll have to find a translator with demonstrable fluency in both English and Spanish. Reading recommendations, case studies, and reviews is a great way to qualify your online translator for your required languages.

At Global Lingo, we have an exceptionally talented pool of translators in over 150 languages. This allows us to provide highly skilled video translators in almost any language you require.

What type of online video translation do I need?

When you need to translate video content, you have a couple of options available including subtitles or voice over. Different options require different translators — either subtitle transcription or a video audio translator.

The type of video translation services you require depends on the purpose of your video. If a corporate video is to be shown at an event, for example, to an audience of predominantly English and Chinese speakers, then an English-speaking video with Chinese subtitles (or vice versa) would be your best option so that everyone can understand the video in real time.

However, if you are using consumer-facing video content for marketing purposes, it’s important to elicit an emotive response from your audience — something that only expert voice-over translation from professional voice actors can provide.

At Global Lingo, our video translation experts can perform a wide range of voice styles including gender, tone, style, age, and accent to cater to complex character scenarios and cultural necessities. Some of our artists have a large variety of voices in their repertoire which helps to increase efficiency and cut down on costs.

What is the purpose of getting my video translated?

As mentioned above, the purpose of your video will affect the process of finding the right online video translator. An emotive, persuasive video requires professional voice acting as well as video translation and voice-over services.

For example, a global charity’s marketing video will require emotive, complex video translations, whereas informative or technical videos may fare better with subtitles or a more technical professional video translator from the industry.

At Global Lingo, we have video translators from a range of industries who will ensure you communicate your corporate video’s message clearly and impactfully.

What should you look for in an online video translator?

When you’re looking for online video translators, it’s important to centre the following aspects of your search:

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Scope
  • Quality


We cannot stress enough, the importance of professional video translation services. From making sure your video translator understands your corporate video projects to ensuring legal requirements are properly communicated, professionalism in video translation should be your number one concern.

At Global Lingo, we only work with safe and secure technology that is optimised to regulatory compliance and meets ISO 9001 quality assurance and ISO 27001 information security standards.


When it comes to finding an onine video translator, you need to make sure you’re aligning your video project with experts who can provide the service your business videos require. At Global Lingo, our certified video language translators can be relied upon to provide the highest-quality translation work.

Avoid falling short by investing in amateur translation services. Work instead, with experts for your video translations so that your business videos have the highest impact possible.


When approaching an online video translator, you need to be sure that the organisation you’re working with can meet the scope of your project. This is especially a concern for corporations working with large video production projects that need to be delivered on schedule.

At Global Lingo, our teams of video translators, experienced closed captioning engineers, and video editors are on hand to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and are of the highest quality. This includes the use of our secure GloZone web-based customer platform, which allows you to monitor and track all of your language and translation requirements 24/7.

To find out more about our quick video translation turnarounds, check out our case study with independent game developers Piranha Games Inc.


When it comes to translating video, it’s important to make sure that the quality you receive reflects your brand. That’s why we don’t just work with expert, high-quality video translators but we also work with:

  • A team of experienced closed captioning engineers
  • Professional sound and recording equipment
  • Industry leading software
  • Impactful voice-over artists for characterisation and role playing

We’ll even provide three voice samples per language based on your guidelines as standard, and we work directly with the editable video and animation files using Adobe Premiere and After Effects to deliver fully edited, ready-to-use video content.

Video translators at Global Lingo

If you’re looking for video translators for your production project, be it video games or corporate events videos, get in touch with Global Lingo to discuss how we can manage all your translation and localisation needs.

Looking for translation services?

Our global translation services help companies distribute content to other audiences across the world. Whether this is information in documents, web content, product or marketing campaigns, or audio-visual media, our team of experienced, industry-qualified translators offers an exceptional level of service.

Did you know?

Global Lingo has one of the largest pool of linguists in the industry. Everyone is a native speaker in the language they are translating into, and we can translate into and from 150+ languages. So, whatever your project, whatever the language, Global Lingo can help.

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