Marketing, Events & PR industry overview

Marketing, Events and Public relations (PR) are fast-paced industries operating globally.

From creative collateral to internal and external communications, multilingual event setups and press releases aimed at global audiences, these departments help sell any company’s offerings on the international stage, and as such have often large requirements for language service support, with its focus on creating relationships and achieving customer interest and satisfaction, as well as the maintenance of reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinions and behavior.

The challenges with Marketing localization include creative translations that convey the same meaning in the target language accurately, whilst evoking the same emotions originally intended. Localization of all aspects within any given collateral is key to appeal to any market. Translations should never be word for word, but need to be culturally relevant, tailored and adapted for local markets.

In an events context, this also extends to event interpreting in form of spoken content on stage. Our highly skilled interpreters, who are subject matter experts, ensure that a seamless translation can be provided for speakers of any language.

Relevant services and benefits

Services involved in Marketing localization, Event interpreting and PR translation include:

  • Transcreation
  • GloZone Business Management System – request job placement, file transfer, quote, order and invoice reporting functionalities (tracking languages requested, spend, on-time delivery KPIs etc.)
    • Integrated with our Translation Management System for real-time review of translated content
  • Translation Memory/ CAT (computer assisted translation) tools to ensure consistency, as well as time and cost saving for future projects
  • API feeds to connect to client CMS for streamlined content export and re-import post translation (XML, XLIFF and HTML formats etc.)
  • Mailing platform management for Marketing mailing campaigns (e.g. Campaign Monitor, DotMailer etc.) – reporting on key metrics, such as open rate and click-throughs
  • Multilingual SEO key word search
  • Remote interpreting technologies (via Interprefy)
  • Video editing software – for voice-over and subtitles


Global Lingo only uses dedicated teams. Our linguists are subject -matter experts, and we have in-country consultants for cultural adaptation advice, multilingual typesetters and technical file engineers, sector experienced Project Managers and Account Managers. This ensures the best possible service and the best possible localization of your content. Added to this is our global network, allowing us to deliver projects around the clock.

We help guide our clients from conception of the source content, with translation and localization in mind from the very start. This process helps to create engaging content, with wording and imagery that also easily translates into multiple languages.

If this isn’t possible, we can provide advice on what might need changing (i.e. editing and adapting the source – changing imagery, colors, tweaking wording) before PR translation or Marketing localization starts. Ultimately, this saves time and money and provides the best possible content in all languages.

To tailor our services, we strive to truly understand our clients’ goals in terms of target audience and outcome. This contributes to us being able to help with the dissemination of any messaging to a global audience.

No requirement is too abstract, and we will work with you to translate websites, newsletters, press releases, banner adverts, questionnaires and all/any type of promotional content and materials. This may even include brand documents, labels and packaging, market research surveys, videos and focus group support services.

To see how we can help you with your requirements around Marketing, Events & PR, visit our InboxInsight, Honda and UICC case studies to view how other organisations are already profiting from our flexible and efficient global approach.

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